Seaboater Yachts Launces New System with Kiteboat

Seaboater Yachts has created a radical and possibly revolutionary idea.

Wilmington, DE -- (SBWire) -- 11/14/2012 --Seaboater Yachts has created a radical and possibly revolutionary idea—the kiteboat system that uses the power of the wind as a tow yacht solution when the wind is from the stern, and when the wind is from the bow, electrical kite power can be used. This system effectively makes it possible to move the yacht in all directions, generated by green eco power.

Goran Pinjusic, who is the kiteboat designer, says: "Kites are up to three times more efficient than traditional sails, because wind strength increases and is constantly available with high altitudes."

What is interesting is that this yacht does not have any diesel tanks at all, and it would be possible to have it run fully on green energy power. One can imagine the space of a catamaran, but it is a monohull. And at same time, the owner of a yacht like this will have ZERO fuel costs guaranteed.

According to Seaboater Yachts: "We have developed the kiteboat in a manner that we see as the natural progression for sailing yachts. So people can see that there is an alternative to sailboats and power yachts."

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