ElectroMenu Now Offers Environmentally Friendly Digital Menu Solutions


Garnet Valley, PA -- (SBWire) -- 11/13/2012 --Electromenu is proud to announce their new environmentally friendly solutions for digital menus. With these enhanced features, the digital menu boards will allow businesses to reduce their cost of having to purchase static banners. With that being said, Electromenu’s electronic signs make for a great long term investment, lasting for years to come.

On top of electronic display boards being a great long-term investment, they are proven to be a more eco-friendly option than the traditional static banners or billboards. Also, most electronic menu boards are comprised of recyclable materials. This way, when a business is done with it, they will not need to worry about the disposal of the digital menu. Other ways that they are environmentally friendly is that they reduce and eliminate printing costs, and they also reduce the time and labor that would go into putting up a billboard or banner. Also, they have the ability to be changed instantly making electronic menu boards a flexible asset to the business. This means a restaurant or any type of business does not have to wait all week for a banner or menu to be installed, this way the company can stay up with their demands.

ElectroMenu’s digital menus only use 10 watts of power and weighs 3 pounds. They are the next generation of advertising, and they are revolutionizing menus, banners, etc. with their increased technology. Having a menu down in a restaurant or convenience store can affect a business greatly, but with ElectroMenu’s digital menus, one will not need to worry any longer.

About ElectroMenu
ElectroMenu is the answer for all of a person’s digital menu, marketing, and advertising needs. They help move businesses into tomorrow, today. With stunning graphics and ease of use, these factors highlight the many features that ElectroMenu brings to the table. They are able to decrease labor costs, printing costs, and eliminate missed sales and opportunities.

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