Scarborough Disposal Cleans Up After Storms, Moves and Renovations

Ontario, Canada -- (SBWire) -- 11/22/2012 --With Hurricane Sandy destroying homes and property up and down the eastern seaboard, damage estimates are in the millions. On top of re-building or demolishing all the homes affected, a major worry has become how to rid the cities of the effects of the storm. Junk removal specialists have come in from cities in the surrounding areas, helping ease the burden of New York and New Jersey citizens. In Canada, storm damage is only one reason why business and homeowners call on junk removal services in Toronto.

According to James Lardner, spokesperson for Scarborough Disposal in Toronto, junk removal specialists are called into action for many reasons. "While storms surely lead to an increase in the amount of junk in a person's yard, we are called out for a number of other reasons. Sometimes, we pick up loads for people who are moving and they need to get rid of all the junk that's built up. Other times, we are the ones who pick up all the mess after a lengthy renovation." These types of renovations are becoming more common, says Lardner. "Since the economy and housing markets began to decline, more people are renovating their existing homes, keeping us busy carting off the old junk. It's convenient and hassle-free, as well as a great way to get rid of any junk you don’t want. We will take any size load, big or small. Customers seem to love being able to just sit back and relax while the professional crew(s) help remove the burden of unwanted junk. Additionally, having all your unwanted garbage hauled away can be very affordable."

While removal services are affordable for most people, still others want to handle the trash themselves. Lardner explains, "With Toronto dumpster bin rentals, they can de-clutter easily, filling it over the week-end for pick-up on Monday. With convenient and hassle-free roll off dumpsters, you can remove garbage and junk easily and the company then comes and picks it up for you. Dumpster Bin renting is a simple, easy way to clean up after big jobs. This type of junk removal service is perfect for yard projects, renovations, and construction projects."

With Toronto the occupying the 5th largest city spot in all of North America, private junk hauling is a big help to the city departments. Says Lardner, "By supplementing the City Council of Toronto's capacity to handle the large volume of waste, the private waste collection firms provide an invaluable service to the city of Toronto. With about 700 trash collection vehicles, one landfill and one recycling center, the city clearly needs the support of the private garbage collection firms that can provide more personnel, vehicles, and disposal facilities."

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Scarborough Disposal is a Toronto based business offering junk removal and dumpster bin rentals to individuals and commercial operations. They provide rubbish removal professionals who hand pick-up and haul away your garbage, junk, appliances, & furniture to the dump. Additionally, they provide hands-on advice for junk removal at their Scarborough Disposal blog,

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