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Denver, CO -- (SBWire) -- 11/26/2012 --What can two guys with totally different personalities teach men about successfully meeting and connecting with women? Tons, according to several dozen “pre-release” reviewers of “MW” and Brian Burke’s new audio series, Take Her Home Tonight. (THHT) .“MW and I have two VERY different styles when it comes to meeting and attracting women,” explains Burke, “but that’s what makes for good learning – seeing the common denominators between two people very successful in their own right. This is what makes THHT so powerful”.

Take Her Home Tonight began as a weekly interview series by Brian Burke and his associate “MW”, who initially released the audios to their private members-only forum dedicated to men seeking to learn how to more successfully attract women. After the 4th episode, they knew that they were on to something. Some of their early listeners said they HAD to let their friends listen, and we even had several students come back with success stories of their own.In 2005, Neil Strauss’ book, The Game, hit the NYT best-sellers list. Since then (with the help of other such though-leaders as Burke, David DeAngelo, and Rob Judge), the men’s dating advice industry grew into a raging subculture.

“Take Her Home Tonight” goes far beyond how to merely talk to an attractive woman, get her phone number, setup a date, and the like. In the forum, one of the website’s fans who followed the tips on the site opined that “Take Her Home Tonight” has a real value and one can keep the nerdy theory stuff to a minimum. Some fans have earlier wasted their time in overcomplicating the things but they learnt the needed things while dating a woman.

While many in the “pickup artist” community have been criticized in the past by feminist groups for being misogynistic and synthetic, Burke’s previous works seem to have averted the vitriol of women at large.

However, Burke warns that THHT may in fact be a more direct and no holds barred look into the minds of men, and – in his own words - a “shameless stratagem for fulfillment of both men and women’s desires”.

In fact, Burke claims that women are a large majority of readers of his personal blog relating to dating advice for men.

“I think they can relate to my warm, genuine passion for women, even if that means things get quite steamy sometimes. Just look at the popularity among women of such books and movies as Nine and a Half Weeks and Fifty Shades Of Grey. It points to something - men and women are NOT opponents in this thing called sex.”

Take Her Home Tonight comes in audio format, consisting of 12 episodes each roughly 1 hour in duration.

Burke explains that he and his collaborator MW share “dozens of detailed true stories, complete with break downs, and case-study analysis of how we’ve personally met and brought home the type of women most men envy.”

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