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Austin, TX -- (SBWire) -- 11/26/2012 --According to a study conducted by the Journal of Medical Entomology at the University of Florida, uncontrolled infestations of bed bugs can become harmful to people in as little as three to eight months. While many experts have said bed bugs offer no real health risk because they do not transmit diseases, this new study shows that humans in the midst of an uncontrolled outbreak are at a greater risk for anemia. Additionally, bed bug infestations have been shown to have severe effects on the mental health of the home dwellers who are dealing with the problem.

This information was complete confirmation for Absolute Pest Management owner and bed bugs Austin expert, Tony Ragan. "Bed bugs are a huge problem for Central TX. Bed bugs Austin infestations can be in both commercial and residential areas, but we get the most calls for homes in more urban areas and from homes that house renters." He continues, "We've always known bed bug's medical significance was mainly limited to the itching and inflammation from bites; however, this new information out of Florida makes it more important than ever before for people to have their homes checked and treated for bugs as soon as they see any signs."

So, what are the signs a home may have an infestation? Ragan advises, "Bed bugs hide in mattress, wood trim, electrical boxes and outlets. They can also be found on floors, behind wallpaper and even picture frames. The first sign of a bed bug infestation is the appearance of small brownish or reddish dots on bed linens and mattresses. (bed bug droppings and blood spots). Heavy infestations may result in an odor or described as “buggy” or sweetish smelling. Additionally, bed bugs feed on any bare skin exposed while sleeping like the face, neck, shoulders arms or hands, so look for any bite marks in the morning."

Ragan goes on to explain how bed bugs invade a home. "Because bed bugs readily hide in small crevices, they may accompany, as stowaways, luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes, and other such objects when these are moved between apartments, homes and hotels." Ragan also advises everyone to beware of buying used furniture, especially bed frames and mattresses. "Beds and mattresses hold the greatest risk of harboring bed bugs and their eggs."

Understandably, one must wonder what a homeowner or business owner is supposed to do about bed bugs treatment Austin. Ragan explains about a new technology employed on the war against bedbugs. "We are introducing a new process known as Thermal Remediation®, which is an exciting new treatment for Bed Bugs. Thermal Remediation uses temperatures between 120-135 F to safely and effectively kill bed bugs in the home. This is the most effective way to treat a bed bug infestation while reducing the use of insecticides."

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