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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWire) -- 11/26/2012 --When you are involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering and time lost from work among other things. Time lost from work may be difficult to calculate though, especially if you are paid on commission, lose overtime as a result of the accident or if you are self-employed. A car accident lawyer in Toronto can be of great assistance in this situation, according to Andy Bruce of Oatley, Vigmond-Personal Injury Lawyers, as they have experience in determining how much should be required for lost wages.

"Toronto personal injury lawyers work with those who are injured every day," Mr. Bruce explains. "They have methods of calculating everything from overtime and commissions to lost wages. Most do not realize that you should collect for the gross wages lost rather than the net. Oatley Vigmond injury lawyers understand when to request full compensation due to total disability and when partial compensation must be claimed due to a declaration of partial disability. This is just one example of when a car accident lawyer is of great assistance."

Those who are self employed may need help in this area also. Anyone who is self-employed or owns a business needs to take into consideration not only their lost wages, but also the cost of any additional help that had to be brought in during the recovery process. "An experienced attorney takes this much further though. He or she works to calculate how much money the business lost while the injured was unable to work and assists the client in gathering the required documentation needed to prove the claim," Mr. Bruce states.

Commission and overtime must be factored in when calculating lost wages resulting from an auto accident. "Our personal injuries attorneys explain how to go about documenting lost wages of this type. This process ensures the client receives the proper compensation for injuries sustained due to the negligence or fault of someone else." Mr. Bruce goes on to say.

Many factors are taken into consideration when it comes to determining the amount of compensation owed for injuries sustained in a car accident. Accident details, the severity of injuries sustained and the ability of the injured to work are just three. "The personal injury attorneys at Oatley, Vigmond can assist with all areas. Compensation for time lost from work is just one." Mr. Bruce declares.

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