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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWire) -- 11/28/2012 --No matter how it happened, it's a situation that nobody wants to be in -- an arrest has been made and now there is a great need for an Atlanta DUI lawyer to adequately protect the rights of an individual charged with a DUI or a directly related offense. It's crucial to find an experienced, leading attorney in this field who knows the best strategies to fully protect the rights of each client he or she works with.

W. Scott Smith, a leading Atlanta DUI lawyer, knows firsthand that there are many different factors and circumstances which affect DUI cases in Atlanta and the state of Georgia. This includes whether this was a first offense or a repeat offense, whether or not field sobriety tests were taken and what their outcomes were, and the specific details of what led to a police stop or interview.

An Atlanta DUI lawyer must know all the facts, and should be able to guard a person's best interests as completely as possible within the confines of the legal system.

For instance, the Nystagmus test may be used as a field test, and could lead to an arrest for DUI. However, there are roughly 45 known types of Nystagmus identified which may stem from various unrelated conditions. These must be recognized and a specialist may be used to confirm this condition as existing and present in the defendant.

It's also highly important that an Atlanta DUI lawyer knows not only how to defend a case, but how to help a client move ahead and deal with related consequences and outcomes. This includes dealing with license suspensions as well as receiving temporary work permits and permanent reinstatement, ignition interlock devices, the surrendering of license plates, alcohol counseling and/or rehabilitation and much more.

W. Scott Smith and its successful team of Atlanta DUI attorneys is fully committed to each and every client, and has a long and winning track record in defending against DUI and related charges in the state of Georgia.

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