iPhone3gsJailbreaker.com Publishes List of Best Apps for a Jailbroken iPhone 3gs

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 11/29/2012 --iPhone3gsJailbreaker.com has recently published a list of best Apps for a jailbroken iPhone 3gs. The company, which is dedicated in providing tips and techniques on jailbreaking the iPhone 3gs, has been also reviewing different Apps and has now come with up with a best Apps list after its rigorous research. In the list, each App’s purpose has been described and the features that make it stand out from the rest have been mentioned. The company also provides reviews on programs and websites that provide jailbroken iPhone 3gs Apps.

The media spokesperson of iphone3gsjailbreaker.com, Mr. Fowler commented on the latest list, “We have been providing information on jailbreaking the iPhone 3gs for a quite a while now. Many of our visitors have continuously asked for places where the Apps for the jailbroken iPhone 3gs can be downloaded. We finally published the programs and websites that are providing these Apps and even reviewed them. Since we started testing the Apps as well, we decided to create this list which has Apps that are useful to all owners of jailbroken iPhones.”

The company, http://iphone3gsjailbreaker.com/, has listed 6 Apps in its list – 3G Unrestrictor, FastTweet+, Zephyr, Hands-Free Control for Siri, BBSettings and ProTube. According to the review, 3G Unrestrictor and BBSettings have been praised the most and considered essential. The review states that 3G Unrestrictor has shown dramatic improvement in internet speed and BBSettings enables the owner to change the settings of the phone such as power, Wi-Fi connection and data by sliding the finger across the top. Further descriptions of the 6 Apps are available on the site.

Mr. Fowler further quoted on jailbreaking the iPhone 3gs, “On the site we have mentioned the various pros and cons of jailbreaking. There is no right answer to the question whether to jailbreak an iPhone or not. It depends on the individual. We have provided all jailbreaking details for those people who have decided to go ahead with it.”

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