No Greater Illusion: Writer K. Baskett Announces Haunting and Lyrical Debut Novel.

Gripping, dark and compelling; ‘No Greater Illusion’ paints a stunningly bold picture of dystopian America. Set in the future yet frighteningly realistic – K. Baskett’s debut novel is set for true literary success.

Louisville, KY -- (SBWire) -- 11/30/2012 --Many new authors mark their first foray into the world of fiction with a hastily published and often underwhelming work. However, in the case of Kentucky’s K. Baskett, the phrase ‘debut novel’ can be defined as a carefully crafted masterpiece that boasts an engaging and powerful reading experience.

‘No Greater Illusion’ comes to the market following many years of diligent writing, refining and development. The finished product is poised to keep readers deep within the book’s pages, unable to put it down.


“In the very near future, surging advancements in technology have afforded American citizens with a number of conveniences. Of these, most notable is the SmartTag, a microchip embedded under the skin between index finger and thumb, housing all manner of personal information such as bank account details, medical history, voter registration and more.

This tightly-woven tale follows the lives of several very different people – Tealia, a free-spirited and intelligent photographer battling with conflicting emotions for her ex-lover; Mercer & Viera Scott, a power couple barely holding on to their marriage as the priorities of success and parenthood slowly become skewed between them; impoverished single mother, Naria, content with her reliance on both her current lover and government assistance to make ends meet; and the Holton family, wealthy beyond measure, enjoying carefree days of privilege and luxury.

Their status quo, however, is about to be undermined as America reacts violently to the brutal assassination of a highly esteemed female presidential nominee on the evening of the debates. As the entire nation struggles to make sense of the ensuing chaos, fear and distrust ramp up to dizzying heights. The end result is a series of grave consequences that will drastically alter life as they know it, making them all wonder how much of their world is but an illusion.”

As the author explains, ‘No Greater Illusion’ presents a future world that could very much become a reality.

“My goal was to write a captivating story that is at once gripping and dark,” says Baskett.

Continuing, “It results in a brilliantly painted picture of a dystopian America which cautions against the power of technology and the folly of taking anything for granted. I hope the imagery lingers in the minds of readers long after the book has closed.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“Bravo to K. Baskett for a captivating debut novel. From the very first paragraph in the prologue to the last sentence of this well written novel, you the reader are caught up in this world that the author has created. You feel as though you know each character personally and you are somehow transcended into their existence sharing their tribulations and ultimately the surreal realization that their world, as they know it, will never be the same,” says Phyllis, who reviewed the book on

With so much success in the author’s hands, was the journey of self-publishing worth it?

“Definitely!” says Baskett; “Self-Publishing has put the power back in authors’ hands. No longer do we have to prove ourselves to publishers in order to enthral readers. While it was a big step and often not easy, seeing your book on the market brings an immense rush of pride.”

‘No Greater Illusion’, Published by CreateSpace, is available for purchase at the following locations:

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About K. Baskett
Jack of all trades, master of none – save for the art of procrastination – K. Baskett lives by the motto, “Never do today what can be put off until tomorrow.” K. firmly believes that you aren't really interested in the author's hometown, spouse, children or pets, and has therefore decided to spare you the details. No Greater Illusion is the author's debut novel.

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