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Ft. Worth, TX -- (SBWire) -- 12/03/2012 --Obesity remains a problem in America, one which affect 35.7% of adults in the country. This is of major concern as obesity leads to many health conditions, including stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Non-Hispanic blacks have an obesity rate of 49.5%, according to the CDC, while Mexican Americans have an obesity rate of 40.4%. All Hispanics have an obesity rate of 39.1% and non-Hispanic whites have a rate of 34.3% when it comes to obesity. With the help of the hcg weight loss diet, Americans bring their weight under control and lower the risk of obesity related conditions, Jon Green of Find Equilibrium LLC. states.

"The HCG diet allows one to consume a low-calorie diet while making use of high-quality HCG injections to lose body fat while retaining muscle mass. The philosophy of Find Equilibrium LLC. involves giving patients a safe and rapid alternative to conventional diet programs.", Mr Green goes on to say. "Thousands of patients across the nation have used this plan with great success."

The HCG diet is all natural and offers a number of benefits. With the use of HCG, the skin becomes more elastic so loose skin is minimized which is a concern to many who don't want to lose weight only to have flabby skin left. Traditional meals are eaten so there is no need to make use of prepackaged meals which often don't taste good and tremendous results are seen even with no exercise. The user doesn't feel hungry after eating a meal either.

"A hcg diet doctor has medically supervised the creation of this diet as it involves the resetting of the hypothalamus. This reset is what allows participants to take the weight off and keep it off for good," Mr. Green explains. The HCG hormone, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is produced by the human body during pregnancy and is made by the cells that form the placenta. This is the hormone used to detect pregnancy at the early stages although it is not completely accurate for this purpose. It is also commonly used for fertility treatments. "For this reason, one can feel safe making use of HCG for weight loss purposes," Mr. Green emphatically states. "HCG provides the immediate weight loss so many need to jump start their programs. With fast results the desire to lose weight continues and dieters are more likely to be successful."

About Find Equilibrium LLC
Find Equilibrium LLC. has one goal which is to get each client into the best shape of his or her life. With years of research invested in HCG, the company understands the exact protocol needed to make a client's diet successful. Thousands have seen results using the hcg diet program as it is both safe and effective. The combination of healthy eating habits, a low-calorie diet and the HCG hormone is all that is needed to lose weight without a great deal of exercise. Even those with a busy schedule can make use of this program and see the pounds melt away once and for all. Anyone who wants to lose weight and look great needs to focus on losing fat rather than on weight. Find Equilibrium LLC. has the HCG program needed to help those wishing to achieve this goal while encouraging participants to embark on a new and improved lifestyle, one that is healthy.

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