Fascinating Games to Be Launched Through Kickstarter Campaign

Bellevue, WA -- (SBWire) -- 12/03/2012 --The Saga of Dragon Star and N.R.G System are two new brilliant tabletop roleplaying games developed by Game Smiths LLC. Their plan for both these awesome games’ launch is a one-of-a-kind kickstarter campaign through their website - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamesmiths/the-saga-of-dragon-star-and-nrg-core-rulebook-rpg.

Kickstartercampaigns are fund raisers for any new launch or for a specific purpose. A little contribution to this ensures that you get maximum benefits out of the same once the particular entity is launched or the project has begun. Game Smiths LLC is treading seldom traveled grounds in their new setting and the N.R.G. System promises a new take on the typical gaming conventions.

Copy from the back of the Saga of Dragon Star setting book:

Howdy partner! Come and join The Saga of Dragon StarTM, an epic fantasy western set in the dying world of Avanti, a troubled land under the oppression of the mighty Keln Dominion. As the immense, dark empire swallows realm after realm, refugees flee to the Frontier Lands, a vast, desolate territory of endless desert and prospect towns, free for the time being from the Dominion in the far north. In this wild expanse, the only law is the Dragon Stars, elite frontier sheriffs appointed by the Ember Council.

Countless inhabitants attempt to eke out a living in this unforgiving stretch of land, and disparate races are forced to live and work side by side. Play an elf Dragon Rustler and explore the Sea of Silt—an ocean of shifting sands, enormous sand ships, and obelisk cities; a gunslingin’ orc Drifter exiled to the Shattered Lands; or a dwarf Gambler, moving from town to town and saloon to saloon, leaving a string of empty pockets and fuming enemies.

But never forget the threat from the North; as the Keln Dominion chops down the world’s forests to feed the gnashing teeth of their factories of industry, the magic of the world weakens, as do the ancient binding spells of the forgotten Aluvian Empire, allowing demons to sneak back into the world. Will you attempt to stake your claim in the Frontier Lands and pursue your own petty desires, or will you join the brave few who have banded together to face this threat and explore the ruins of the Aluvian Empire to find a way to stop the Keln menace and cast the demons back to the dark places of the world?

If your nerves are steel and your steel is quick, then saddle up and join The Saga of Dragon StarTM!

The N.R.G. System is your key to worlds of epic adventures, fantastic dangers, and untold treasures! Within these pages, countless realms lie at your fingertips ready to explore, as well as rules for creating a band of adventurers to seek out lost artifacts, discover forgotten tombs, or battle strange and terrible monsters. Play an elven mage who manipulates powerful arcane energies; a human bladesman whose elegant swordplay leaves his enemies in ruin; a thrall warrior who devastates opponents on the battlefield; or countless other wondrous combinations.

The lean rule system encourages strategy and is designed to keep players engaged during combat, rewarding them for clever tactics and Maneuver selections. Designing a character as he or she increases in power becomes part of the playing experience, allowing for endless customization possibilities and versatility. With the N.R.G. System, Game Masters are free to convert an existing campaign, create their own, or use one of our original remarkable settings, such as The Legends of SinbadTM or The Saga of Dragon StarTM.

The N.R.G. System core rulebook features 8 classes, equipment, and hundreds of player options for detailed customization. Join the adventure today!

Apart from all this, kickstarterbenefits include more insight into the game, giving project backers possible development access as well as bonus content to further the gaming experience. In what will definitely be a gaming blockbuster, Game Smith LLC has left no stone unturned in glorifying both their jewels. With an experienced and talented team that sure knows how to make amazing games, this WA – based indie company is sure to turn heads with these masterpieces.

Inspired already? Ready to try on the games that will dazzle your mind?


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