Updated Magic of Making Up Review Gives Insight to the Broken Hearted

Indian Trail, NC -- (SBWire) -- 12/04/2012 --PublishersParadise.info releases an updated Magic of Making Up Review; the latest in a series of reviews of popular relationship books that promise to help the broken-hearted to reunite with their loved one.

"We wanted to give our readers both a quick overview and a detailed Magic of Making Up review to help them to understand what TW Jackson's book was all about as well as how it might help them" explains author and web publisher Sasha Peterson. "Even though the Magic of Making Up has been around for several years we found that readers were still looking for thorough and detailed information on this book. They wanted to know what was inside and what kind of advice TW Jackson was going to give them as well as whether or not The Magic of Making Up could actually help them or not. A breakup can turn your life upside down and you don't know where to turn for advice. We wanted to be that comforting hand that pointed them in the right direction and that's why we did our research on the Magic of Making Up and its author, TW Jackson, and what we found was pretty interesting!"

The Magic of Making Up is written by TW Jackson, one of the first to provide relationship advice on how to get your ex back. With a lifelong desire to help others and a knack for giving relationship advice that helped friends and friends of friends to reunite with the one they loved after a breakup, TW Jackson penned The Magic of Making Up as a way to broaden his reach and help as many people as possible. With a mantra that says to "do no harm" his relationship advice has helped more than 50,000 couples in 77 countries across the globe to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of true love after things go terribly wrong in a relationship.

Sasha further explains:

"Even though there are a lot of Magic of Making Up reviews online, we felt that many of them lacked the detail and depth that someone who truly wants to get back together with their ex might be looking for. While many people agree that The Magic of Making Up is a great book filled with awesome advice, it might not be for everyone. For instance, a breakup can be devastating to your life and often your heart and your mind are at odds over what to do to bring your ex back. Many people think that following your instincts and your heart is the right thing to do. Many people actually wind up doing more harm than good by following their heart. The Magic of Making Up takes you in a totally different direction and TW Jackson almost takes you by the hand and shows you not only what to do and what to say but he helps you to look at things from your ex's point of view so you understand why his methods work."

The Magic of Making Up covers many aspects of a breakup that you might not even care to think about such as whether or not getting back together with your ex is the right thing for you and uncovering the true reasons why your ex left you. While you might think that these topics might not be necessary, working through everything yourself sets you up to move forward on the right path to not only getting your ex back but helping you to changes your ex's mind about your breakup in a very clever way. The key component to getting your ex back using The Magic of Making Up isn't in tricking your ex to come back to you but actually having your ex fall in love with you all over again without all the trappings of traditional conflict resolution. It's actually a very cleverly written book."

TW Jackson's Magic of Making Up is only available for purchase online in downloadable PDF format. For those who wish to purchase The Magic of Making Up immediately you can Click Here for the Magic of Making Up Homepage.

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