Angel in My Attic Featured in Top Wedding Magazines for Unique Wood Cake Toppers

Croydon, Surrey -- (SBWire) -- 12/07/2012 --Angel In My Attic ( is announcing publicly today that its unique wooden wedding cake toppers has been featured in two popular wedding magazines including Wedding Ideas and Perfect Wedding.

Elise Golding, media contact, was asked earlier about being featured. "Of course, we were thrilled and felt very honoured that both magazines wanted to feature our cake toppers. We have worked very hard as a company to stand out from the crowd and be unique and different when it comes to wedding cake toppers. Everyone has seen the plastic and other materials that have been used through the years to top wedding cakes, but wood toppers are definitely unique and our clients love them! Both magazines did a splendid job of capturing our company's mission and vision for the wooden cake toppers."

Asked about the various choices customers have when ordering the cake toppers, Ms. Golding said, "Customers are in complete control over every aspect of how the cake toppers are adorned and dressed. These are designed for the customer when the order is placed, so these toppers are custom made by hand. At the time of the order, customers will let us know their desires such as the colour of skin, colour of hair, wedding outfit such as dress or suit, if there is any facial hair, adornment for the bride's hair, earrings, the colour of the tie or bow-tie, and if either cake topper needs glasses. Pictures really help us and we encourage customers to send photos of the bride and groom."

"The idea of the wooden cake toppers is to resemble the bride and groom and that is sometimes in a very quirky style that is one of the most unique toppers available anywhere. There are no two that are exactly the same and they make great keepsakes. The toppers are made of solid wood and are not varnished. The cake toppers stand approximately 3.5 inches or 9 cm tall so they are the perfect size to be seen clearly on top of the cake", said Ms. Golding.

What about shipping? Do you ship internationally? Ms. Golding answered, "Absolutely! We can ship our cake toppers anywhere in the world. Within the United Kingdom, customers can expect to receive their toppers sooner than international customers. This is why we advise a minimum of 6 weeks in advance to order the cake toppers. International shoppers should probably order much sooner than this since it can take as long as three weeks for the package to arrive depending on customs."

About Angel In My Attic
Angel In My Attic has been making solid wood wedding toppers that are handmade for a number of years as a way to offer something that is a little different to sit on top of wedding cakes. The company takes care to ensure that the customer knows what the toppers will look like by sending final photos so the customer can approve before the toppers are actually finished and mailed. Customers are encouraged to order as far in advance as possible so that there is ample time to create the toppers and allow for shipping time.


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