Launch of a Brand New Gen Y Curated Search Engine - Frompo

Frompo is a next generation green and clean search engine. “It is a community of users who come together and curate search results to improve the search experience for everyone.”

Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWire) -- 12/05/2012 --A Green Search Engine – wherein – all or some of the revenue generated by performing searches on Frompo or clicking on search ads will help in helping the environment! Using Frompo, one can search for web, images, videos, news or twitter.

It performs a curated search – i.e. extensively manually editing search results – which does sound tough and actually is but provides very accurate results.

The word curate means to organize and oversee; custodian of a collection or a conservator. This holds apt for Frompo considering its mechanism – it aggregates the most relevant searches from Google, Yahoo! and Bing and delivers them in a convenient search package.

Sometimes, when one searches for a topic in the search engine, they get many- a search results which are spam or irrelevant or malicious. Frompo eliminates this issue by giving them the complete power of the search engine. Users can actually tailor their own personal search results.

About Frompo
Objective of Frompo is to identify and classify the best content for a given topic or category. While most search engines typically get most of their traffic from the top 10-20% of their indexes, Frompo performs very specific and to the point, apt searches based on user needs.

There have been recent developments in this field and there already exist other curated search engines in the market. Creating a product in this generation with an already prevailing tight competition, Frompo surely has something better and easier to offerand stand out in the market – combination of two types of search engines - “the green search engine” and “the curated search engine”.

Thus, with Frompo, one gets the best from the big search engines without the mess!

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