Mercantile Network Says Certain Debt Relief Companies Have a Surprising Failure Rate of 70%

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 12/05/2012 --Mercantile Network, provider of many financial services, has stated that some debt relief companies fail to provide any assistance to their clients despite their initial promises. The percentage of failed debt relief of any form is said to be around 70%. The company states that care should be taken when selecting a debt management or debt consolidation company, with the current trend of online debt relief companies it is difficult to judge which ones are experienced and can actually provide any assistance. Mercantile Network, an established financial company provides services such as debt management, debt consolidation, mortgage loans, payday loans, credit counseling, auto insurance and wealth management.

Mercantile Network also states that certain people fail to understand how a debt management company works. The debt management service provider acts as a middleman between the client and the companies that client owes the money to, informs the Mercantile Network. The company further informs that these debt management companies’ negotiation skills, contacts and experience will determine how much a debt can be decreased by. Mercantile Network further warns the public to look into the debt management companies approach and history as such companies are there for their own commission as well. Further valuable information is available on the company’s website, The company also provides extensive information on other financial solutions like pay day loans, mortgage loans, credit counseling, auto insurance etc.

Mercantile Network has been providing its services for many years and has made a decent reputation in the financial market. The company has acquired a number of professionals since its existence and is now an expert in the financial services, especially debt and wealth management. Mercantile Network’s financial tools such as budget calculators, retirement calculators and wealth accumulation calculators have been commended amongst various companies.

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Mercantile Network Inc is one of the leading companies in providing financial services. The company provides many financial services such as debt management, debt consolidation, mortgage loans, payday loans, credit counseling, auto insurance etc. Through their online platform,, description of the financial services and the company’s approach in providing these services can be viewed. The company is known for its exceptional debt and wealth management.

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