Inanna/Ishtar: Powerful New Novel by John Whitaker Provides Answers to Compelling Biblical Questions.

Fusing science fiction with many real-world biblical curiosities, author John Whitaker is stunning and entertaining a broad range of readers with his ground-breaking new novel.

Tavares, FL -- (SBWire) -- 12/06/2012 --From Dan Brown to Zecharia Sitchin, many authors have interwoven the worlds of science fiction and religion to both entertain and inspire their audiences. Taking this concept to the next level is Florida’s John Whitaker, who is delighted to announce the release of his latest novel.

‘Inanna/Ishtar’ is a true fusing of both concepts, with results that could answer many compelling questions that taint the biblical world.


Six-thousand-year-old clay tablets left behind by the Sumerians tell us in cuneiform script that the planets Uranus and Neptune are "greenish-blue." How did they know? Our science could not confirm that until the Voyager II fly-by in the 1980s. The ignored question of the last century has to be: “Who told the Sumerians that Uranus and Neptune exist, and about their colors?”

Again: “Who told them?”

It is a rare person who will immediately grasp the significance of that question?

The same clay tablets also tell that Inanna, a fierce and beautiful goddess from antiquity, is not a fictional character. As Aphrodite to the Greeks, Venus to the Romans, through many adventures and love affairs erroneously categorized as myth, she gained for herself a place in the Nefilim Pantheon of Twelve.

“Inanna/Ishtar” is a chronicle of fact-based incidents interspersed with highly probable fictional stepping stones. For the deities of antiquity, the few prohibitions regarding sex were related to royal rights of succession allowing Inanna, a Divine Child, daughter of two of the ruling pantheon, a free romp among the gods and mortals of her time. Acknowledged the “Goddess of Love and War” by history, not the author, Inanna’s ferocity in battle and passion in bed are depicted in the graphic detail anticipated of one bearing that epithet.

This tale swims upstream against the flow of current teachings and knowledge, contains theory and context some may find objectionable. Eventually, reinforced by continually emerging evidence, it will require a rewrite of the Bible (another one) giving our precursors the place in our ancient history they deserve, for it is through God by way of the Nefilim and Anunnaki that we exist in our present form, far ahead of our time; they provided the “missing link” that has baffled anthropologists for centuries.

Nibiru, the home planet of the Nefilim (possibly "Planet X" to current astronomers) orbits our sun from deep space. The Sumerians tell it is a monarchy ruled by a pantheon of twelve including a King, his two sons, a daughter, and eight others of royal blood. To accept their reality, consider how they came to be; a subject that is not taught in our culture. I hope the story of Inanna helps make it clear.

As the author explains, his work will appeal to a wide and varied audience.

“Enjoying this tale will be lovers of ‘The DaVinci Code,’ the Ancient Aliens Series on the History channel, fans who looked forward to ‘Avatar,’ and all who are dissatisfied with the many unsolved mysteries of antiquity and the Bible,” says Whitaker.

He continues, “Inanna/Ishtar is a work of fiction that dances around historical facts and provides answers to Biblical matters people want to know more about.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This book was a very good read. The characters were well developed and engaging, making the readers care about their fates from start to finish. Mr. Whitaker does a fantastic job of blending in many different aspects of various religions and cultures to make one cohesive and entertaining story to tell,” says Renee S, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Jessica Richardson, was equally as impressed. She said that, “INANNA/ISHTAR is a riveting tale of history mixed with fantasy. The author's words allow the book to come alive. The book is a must read and hard to put down.”

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At every fork in the author’s road two signs were clearly visible: “Smart” and “Adventure.” Today Mr. Whitaker survives an unbroken record of never having made the wiser choice. The wisdom of his last choice made in 2001, to retire and write of his adventures, is still under scrutiny and sustains his hope that the “Goddess of Love and War” will fly to his rescue and finally break that indeterminate record.

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