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New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 12/10/2012 --A great body is always appreciated by all. Some people have it naturally but their numbers in this world are very few. Normally, people have to and they do go through various weight-loss programs in order to achieve the body which they desire. The website has provisions for both men and women. click here to find out fitness secrets exclusive to ladies.

To understand the importance of a proper workout and fitness regime it is important to realize the mechanisms of metabolism of human body. Moreover, it is very important to have the adequate understanding of the so-called secrets claimed by various fitness trainers. You can visit this page to find out what reality is and what claims or promises are just fairy tales. It is not rare to find people who did not get the promised effect of the regime or who rather got affected by the program they choose. This is primarily because people are not told about the basics of human body and so they opt for fitness programs which seem most promising irrespective of its effectiveness for them.

Burning fat is a hidden process and so, the more it is understood the lesser effort people would have to spend on it. Human body absorbs the energy from food to carry out the daily functions. If the requirement of energy is less, the excessive calories are stored as fat in the body for future use. However, storage of fat is influenced by presence of insulin in the body. In fact, the factors of burning fat effectively are rather unknown to most people than they think. It is an intricate process.

Lack of energy requirement causes storage of food as fat. Insulin dictates this phenomenon. Higher the levels of insulin, more capability the body has to convert food into fat store it. Foods that contain simple carbohydrates tremendously increase the levels of insulin. However, this capability of insulin is negated or nullified by HGH, i.e., Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone makes the better utilization of insulin and prevents it from absorbing and storing fat.

As result, everything boils down to understanding the levels of HGH and insulin in a specific person’s body. If someone’s body produces adequate HGH, the only requirement for him/her would be energy deficiency to allow the body burn fat to overcome the deficiency. However, if HGH is not sufficiently produced, the person would have to reduce or stop consumption of certain foods that contain high simple carbohydrates. Find out fat burning foods for women and men here.

Thus, these are the real secrets that are hardly told to people. These are, still, not in detail. The website can be referred to find out the secrets with details.

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