A Tour Thru London: New Book Shares the Real-World Grit, Dirt and Tribulations of One Floridian's Journey Through Life

London Destine hasn’t had it easy; so don’t be fooled into thinking her book is a tourist guide of the famous city. Offering a frankly honest account of the prison, sex, thugs and crime she has encountered through life’s journey, Destine hopes her book will serve as life-changing material for millions of young girls.

Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 12/11/2012 --As London Destine affirms, every young girl deserves a chance to make her life different. Having made many mistakes in her own journey and endured abuse, jail and great loss, Destine has wrapped her experiences up into a powerful and life-changing new book.

‘A Tour Thru London’ holds no bars, hides no truths and doesn’t attempt to water down Destine’s encounters through life. In fact, her compelling memoir is poised to drive deep emotion and tears into all who read it.

“If you ever visited London, you’d instantly fall in love with just how gorgeous this place is! Myriads of museums and ancient historical sights stretch for miles creating the perfect ambience. Friendly faces greet you from every street corner and the awe- inspiring fashion leaves you breathless,” explains Destine.

She continues, “Ironically, however, on this Tour through London there’s nothing gorgeous, nothing spectacular and the only museum I can describe are the walls of prison cells. Do not expect touring any historical places. The only friendly people I met were my bunkies in prison. The arrays of colors were the tear-stained ethnic faces and the tapestry was our colorful undies pinned to a make-shift line.”

Destine’s life story continues to chronicle the drug dealers who beat her up, sexually abused her and threw her out like trash; the criminals who fed her finances at strip clubs and the name-less men who took advantage of the opportunity of casual sex.

While her story is driven with anger, sadness and honest reflection, Destine hopes it serves as a life-lesson to a younger reading audience.

“A Tour Thru London is important because it's an opportunity for young ladies across the world to make a difference with their life regardless of their circumstances. I felt that it was important for me to share the story of my life with little girls who probably grew up like me who are growing up like me. It's equally important for the world to know that where you start is not always where you will end,” she adds.

At its helm, the book hammers home the importance of not making assumptions on the lives of those we do not know about. As destine admits, she has all-too-often become a victim of those who do not understand all she has been through.

Critics praise the book for its candid demeanour and ability to tell the truth. Destine feels this was vital for her work to have the best possible impact.

“Trading on eggshells won’t teach people anything. My book is raw, it’s the real deal and I want to teach others not to make the same mistakes,” she concludes.

‘A Tour Thru London’ is set for general release on December 19th, available from iTunes, Amazon and numerous other eBook retailers.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.atourthrulondon.com/


Destine can also be followed on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/atourthrulondon

About the Author Sheneka Lawrence
Everything that I’ve ever accomplished in life I had to first visualize it. I saw myself graduating from high school, college, getting married, having a successful career and writing a novel that would one day create a new trajectory for my life and also transform history! A blind woman once said, “ It is a terrible thing to see, and still have no vision”. God once said, “ write the vision, and make it plain.” Everything that I am and will ever be is because Jesus loves me. Without God, I am nothing, and I am eternally grateful for the ideas that he has birthed within me. Everywhere I’ve been, it’s because God wanted me to go, and everywhere I am going, He is taking me. A good friend once told me, “If you can’t part the Red Sea, or walkon water, then, you can’t stop me from doing anything in life. As a child, my parents were big on education. They were also happy with who we were, and wanted us to be happy in our own skin. They pushed us to the limit and would not accept mediocrity or failure. They wanted us to be the best we could be, and I was equally determined to prove myself.

They worked hard to give us what we needed and they loved us unconditionally. I grew up in a very stable environment. I had everything I needed as a child, and most of what any little girl my age wished for. I didn’t have designer clothes and shoes, but, I had the greatest amount of love that money couldn’t buy. My fondest memories take me back to our circular wooden table, where my father would grace the food my mother prepared, and we all ate together and discussed our day, our dreams and hopes. My dad labored on the construction site from early morning till late at night. While my mom performed her wifely duties; she wasn't a lawyer and he was no doctor, but, we were still the Huxtables! I had the best family any little girl could want. I wanted to make my parents proud for everything they did for me, so I pushed myself to the zenith.

Growing up, I had the ability to walk into a room and make a crowd laugh. My jokes were always funny and heart felt. It is a natural gift that God has instilled in me. I was always known for having a wild imagination, and could embellish a story at the drop of a dime. I was creative and my imagination ran as far as the Nile River. My classmates always requested my assistance in writing their papers in college, or to assist them with anything pertaining to writing. I appreciated their confidence in me and it built my self-confidence to the point where it propelled me into becoming the writer I am today. I majored in English and developed a passion for creative writing, literature and theatrics. I wanted to act and write movies, plays and see my work one day on the “big screen”, but, God had other plans for me. Upon graduating college, I became a teacher--teaching English and Literature and then, I furthered my studies and received my Master's in English. A few months later, I achieved my consummate goal; pursuing my Ph.D, because I am determined to be successful, and resolute to be the best.

After enjoying all of my educational pursuits and my writing accomplishments, I finally settled down, married the man of my dreams, my best friend, confidante and mentor. The life I imagined and dreamed of finally came into fruition. God has been good to me; I have no complaints! Before I was a writer, I was a dreamer, and before that, a visionary. I saw it, dreamed it, and it all happened. Now, I am living it!

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