Love My Pet GPS Has a Special Pet Safety Offer for the Holidays

Tampa, FL -- (SBWire) -- 12/13/2012 --Love My Pet GPS is making it easier for families to protect their pets this winter with a range of reflective collars and harnesses, and a special limited time offer on their GPS tracking systems.

While supplies last, the company is offering a special GPS tracking package. It includes the device, a reflective collar or harness with GPS pouch, a charger, a one year tracking subscription, and all of the information owners need to get started for $129.95. “Tags and microchips can only identify a dog after it has been found,” Mary Ann McNutt explains, “This package uses the same technology that allows our cellular phones to tell us where we are. We are offering dog owners the ability to locate their pet quickly if he should escape, which could save him from being lost indefinitely or even hit by a car.”

The company also wants to remind pet owners that they can not necessarily rely on strangers to return a wandering dog. “This can be a big issue for a person who may be investing hundreds or thousands of dollars into a purebred animal,” their representative says, “Someone who finds an adorable puppy may be tempted to keep it and only make a token effort to find the owner, if any at all.”

Love My Pet GPS also has a set of dog reflective collar and harness offerings designed to make an animal more visible while out on a walk. According to Ms. McNutt, all dog owners need this type of equipment. She says, “Walks are important for both the physical and mental health of a dog, but owners are understandably nervous about taking them out on dark winter evenings. We have leashes and collars that combine high quality reflective elements with materials that glow in the dark. This is great for visibility and makes both the animal and the person walking with it a lot safer.”

December is a popular time of year for people to add additional pets to their family, due to the holidays and the vacation time that can be an ideal bonding opportunity. “We feel strongly that it is important to educate pet owners and to help them to understand the safety advantages of these products, “ Mary Ann McNutt says, “Anyone who’s skeptical about how well it can work or just wants to see more can visit site information that we’ve put up. We have real photographs of a reflective collar and leash in action, as well as a demonstration of how easy it is to use our GPS system.”

Love My Pet GPS provides products that can keep dogs safe. Their products are used by law enforcement and search and rescue teams to keep track of and protect the highly trained animals that are members of their teams. The company strives to make sure that pet lovers everywhere have the opportunity to benefit from these same tools.

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