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London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 12/14/2012 --It’s not often that a photography studio has over 260 square meters of space to play with, let alone have its own nightclub and cinema hall. However, as unreal as that sounds, that is the studio base for one of the more interesting fashion and modelling agencies in the industry. Not to mention, that the facility, that can only be called a penthouse, is located on the 20th floor of a luxury building in the city of Kiev, Ukraine of all places.

You may have some reserve when first told that the company is in a luxury penthouse and acts as the central base for a photography studio and a new modelling agency; Gemfinders. You may also have some doubts, when told the premise is teething with some of the most beautiful and glamorous girls thatEastern Europe has to offer. However, inKiev,Ukraine everything is possible.

This city maybe an ex soviet block of old Russia, but contrary to what people may believe, it is not decaying or rotting away. It’s a modern, vibrant and clean city with friendly people.

The beauty that’s beheld in this wonderful town ofKievbecomes quite apparant with just a simple stroll down any local high street. In fact, it’s quite a shock to the system, when you first walk down the busy central high street and difficult not to notice that every other girl looks like a glamorous model orHollywoodstarlet. The girls here are gorgeous, even by comparison to anywhere else in the world.

Gemfinders in essence utilises this beauty for business. You may be fortunate enough to sit in one of its regular casting shoots. The castings are open to all girls of different heights, looks and facial features. If the girl is considered beautiful, she is usually accepted as a new model. A beautiful girl is never turned away, even if she doesn’t meet traditional height requirements. If the girl is stunning and gorgeous, they are kept on the books. There is always a client whose requirements they can meet.

Gemfinders acts as a one stop shop. They recruit the girls, do the shoots and edit and retouch the photos. The client receives the end work with little more to be done. The clients are welcome to sit in on castings. They can look at the back catalogue of girls too. The best thing is that Gemfinders is cost friendly, so they cater to small and medium sized businesses too. It’s not hard to see why past clients love them.

Gemfinders provides start-up to medium sized businesses cost effective access to professional models and photography service at industry level. They also act as recruitment specialists for hostesses and models.

The actual penthouse in which the company is located is impressive to say the least too. The studio is on the highest point of a luxury building and covers 2 floors. It has its own nightclub, cinema hall, Turkish beds, a huge lounge, 2 huge patios, a large summer barbecue, a Jacuzzi for eight. All these essentially also act as props for any photo shoots they have.

The team has the backing of a very wealthy financial investor and the project is more about creativity, style and appreciating beauty. This is a fairly strange business concept but it works very well for the clients.

Clients get super model standard girls with professional photography for a low cost, saving thousands but not compromising on quality. The girls used are phenomenally attractive and Gemfinders do everything in house. They also have regular parties and events at the premises, which is something that needs to be seen.

For more information visit or visit their Facebook page gemfindersfashion.

About GemFinders
GemFinders is London and Kiev based. So you can expect all the efficiency of Western management with the quality of models from Eastern Europe. We offer a fully cost effective formula so as to make business easy for you.

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