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Iconic IT are a new generation of IT Professionals and technology enablers. Iconic IT providing the very best of breed professional IT systems and IT support from any start point.

West Midlands, England -- (SBWire) -- 12/17/2012 --Iconic IT has been providing IT support and consultancy services from its Midland base for a number of years but on 1 October 2012 it launched a brand new website. The new website not only details the services offered by the company but also provides in-depth insight into the approach which the company uses. However, there is much more to this IT consultancy than a shiny new website. With a team of industry accredited experts and over 100 years of combined IT knowledge and experience, Iconic IT certainly has the expertise to backup its attractive new website.

Iconic IT prides itself on a methodical and thorough approach to IT consultancy and support. While applying industry best practice as well as project governance Iconic IT employs a 4-stage methodology: Assessment, Design & Evaluation, Delivery and Support. By means of this methodology Iconic IT can ensure that the business requirements and drivers of the client are fully understood while the existing infrastructure can be analyzed and all of the relevant information can be collated. From this strong position the company can then create a conceptual design and evaluate the suitability of the proposal.

Upon completion of the Design & Evaluation phase the project would then move into Delivery whereby a pilot can be implemented prior to the full production roll out. This allows the services to be tested in full within a pre-production environment prior to validation by Iconic IT’s accredited technical consultants. Once the IT solution has been implemented Iconic IT provide a comprehensive support infrastructure which would typically include knowledge transfer, training and ongoing support services. This provision will ensure that all of Iconic IT’s endeavors continue to function in a smooth and efficient manner long after the IT solution is initially implemented.

Further to this in-depth insight into Iconic IT’s approach to computer consultancy, their new website also features a demonstration suite. This is designed to assist clients in choosing a technology solution that is suited to their needs. With numerous options available and a diverse range of considerations to take into account, selecting an appropriate technology solution is not always a straightforward process. For this reason, Iconic IT have created a simple 4-step registration process which creates a personal demonstration using cloud-based technology.

Firstly, the user selects a technology vendor from whom the IT solution will be provided; Microsoft, Citrix or vmware. Next, the client chooses a solution path; security, collaboration or visualization. From here the user can select a specific product offered by the selected technology vender and then enter some basic contact details. After completing one or more demonstrations using this groundbreaking system the client should be in a better position to make an informed decision as to the best IT solution for their needs. Moreover, Iconic IT technical consultants would be on hand to discuss the client’s specific requirements and offer expert assistance. This exceptional new feature truly revolutionizes the way in which businesses can choose IT solutions for their company.

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