H20 Alive, an Innovative Product from Good Health Supplements, Inc., Is Now Available for Purchase

Sedona, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 12/19/2012 --According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 1.7 million people die each year from a chronic disease. Overall, five chronic diseases—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and obstructive pulmonary disease—cause two-thirds of all deaths in the United States.

Ira Marxe, CEO of Good Health Supplements, Inc., knows what it is like to try to live with a chronic disease. In 1997, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Marxe’s condition was so severe, he could barely walk a few steps without becoming short of breath. Although his doctor recommended that he go on a variety of medications, Marxe refused, opting instead to cure himself through natural supplements.

Marxe found a vitamin and mineral based arterial cleaning product and began taking it regularly. Within two years, his congestive heart failure was gone. Marxe’s experience inspired him to come out of retirement at the age of 76, and create Good Health Supplements and the Total Health Program. Since October of 1999, Marxe’s antiaging nutritional supplements and other products have helped many people improve their health in a safe and natural way. Now 89 and still in great health, Marxe—who is known as “The Good Health & Anti-Aging Guy”—is always striving to find new ways to improve the health of his customers.

Good Health Supplements, Inc. recently added a new nutritional supplement to its line of products. Called H20 Alive, it instantly transforms and revitalizes any type of regular drinking water—including reverse osmosis water, distilled water and more—into a nutrient-rich and extremely health-giving form of water that can help improve the lives and health of those who drink it. Each small bottle of H20 Alive will revitalize 450 eight ounce glasses of water, or 30 one gallon containers of filtered drinking water or any other variety.

In order to help explain how H20 Alive works as well as its many health benefits, the Good Health Supplements, Inc. company has just posted a short informational video and a longer webinar on its website. People who are interested in learning more about the product are welcome to visit the user-friendly site at any time and watch either or both presentations.

“Water hydrates every cell in our body, which means if our water is of poor quality, so is the quality of our cells,” the video’s narrator said, adding that transforming any type of “dead” drinking water such as distilled water into life-enhancing “live” water is easy.

“Adding just a few drops of H20 Alive will turn your reverse osmosis, distilled, filtered, structured, ionized or bottled drinking water into a powerhouse of nutrient rich, alkalizing, fast hydrating, anti-viral drinking water that can change your life.”

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Good Health Supplements, Inc. is the trusted “feel good, look good solution” for purely effective all-natural, anti-aging nutritional supplements. The company is dedicated to helping its customers easily, effectively and naturally achieve and maintain vibrant total health, at any age. Good Health Supplements offers its customers affordable, leading edge technology in the areas of healthy heart support, breakthrough anti-aging, superior multi-vitamin/minerals, invaluable digestive supplementation and much more. For more information, please visit http://www.goodhealthsupplements.com/h2oalive/index.php

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