Telinc Now Offers Quick and Effective T1 ISDN PRI Systems

New Hope, PA -- (SBWire) -- 12/19/2012 --Telinc is proud to announce that they now provide the T1 ISDN PRI or better known as Primary Rate Interface, which is equal to a T1 circuit. Businesses can also obtain T1 Testers for those who need a new lightweight, user-friendly equipment that allows for easier maintenance tasks to be completed. When in need of a quick test that provides a diagnosis of networks it can be achieved with the T1 Tester.

For those who are unfamiliar with T1 ISDN PRI, the professionals at Telinc will be able to educate those who are in need about what it entails. They provide numerous features such as digitally delivering long distance and Internet services over a single 4-wire interface. With the addition of a T1 ISDN PRI to an existing phone line, it can potentially help lower the phone bill. With this telephone testing equipment available, it is able to perform high speed responses under various line conditions. The T1 ISDN PRI test system can be constructed to test numerous features that are available on these systems.

With various testing capabilities that are priced very reasonably, this handheld device provides instantaneous results that one would only expect from a larger more powerful T1 Tester. It is compact and can be used for immediate needs that will be able to improve customer service and the ways businesses operate. T1 Testing also comes in a battery operating option for those in need of a portable device.

About Telinc
Telinc Corporation provides Wide Area Network access products with the ability to design, develop, and manufacturer the communications testing equipment. For example, they offer a Data Link Simulator, HSSI Testers and T1 Testers that seem to be the most popular. They are proud to offer a more efficient way for all telecommunications that businesses need in order to operate. Telinc offers their products through global networks, distributors, manufacturer representatives and other agents.

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