Is Launched, the First of Its Kind Online Reference and Knowledge Base on Resistors

Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (SBWire) -- 12/27/2012 --The launch of the Resistor Guide is announced, a comprehensive reference with information related to electrical resistors, along with other resistive components that includes varistors, thermistors, potentiometers and photoresistors. The site is the first of its kind that caters to a wide variety of individuals, from hobbyists to professional electrical engineers.

The site is developed by a dedicated group of mechanical and electrical engineers. They started with the development because they noticed a distinct lack of quality technical information online.  Utilizing their specialized knowledge and expertise, they launched the site to help others with an interest in electrical systems. The resulting Resistor Guide is an inclusive reference site for anyone engaged in electronic design and troubleshooting.

The site provides users with information on an extensive array of resistors, their uses and applications. Visitors to the site will find information to help them understand about the many resistors available, along with guides on selecting the right components for their projects.

Resistors are integral components in a wide variety of electrical environments. They can be connected in a series or in parallel, used to measure current in a circuit or used to connect LEDs. Depending upon the application, varistors, thermistor and potentiometers are constructed of different materials and it’s essential for individuals to understand differences in the type, usage and resistance, along with external factors that will have an effect on the part.

Resistor Guide is written in easy to understand language. The site begins with the basics and includes advanced information and terminology as the user’s knowledge grows. The site includes Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff Laws, resistor values and SMD codes. Users will find sections on each type of resistor that includes fixed and variable, thermistors, magneto resistors, varistors and photo resistors.

A special section of the site focusses on the specific materials which are used to construct resistors, including wire wound and foil resistors, carbon and carbon film, metal oxide film and foil resistors. Resistor Guide offers complete information and diagrams on resistors in a series, in parallel, those for LEDs, shunt resistors, and pull up/pull down models.

Resistor Guide is the first reference site of its kind, offering comprehensive information on the many types of resistors, varistors, thermistors, photoresistors and potentiometers. The site encompasses fundamentals, standards and codes, and applications for experience levels ranging from the beginner to electrical professionals. Information is presented in an easy to understand format, making the site an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the world of resistors.

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About Resistorguide is a company started in 2012 which developed the Resistor Guide. This complete reference on electrical resistors is developed from a cooperation between several mechanical and electrical engineers. The resistor guide strives to provide high quality information on the subject of resistors, potentiometers, varistors and other resistive components.


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