Professional Video Transfer Services Gains Excellent Reviews in Los Angeles

Expert VHS to DVD conversion services including Film, Video, Hi8, 8mm, miniDV and all other video formats can be converted by Digital Video Lab in Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/27/2012 --Got important family movies on video cassettes or film? Rather than let them continue to deteriorate or lay unwatched because you don’t have the equipment to play them, transfer them to DVD.

Digital Video Lab, , takes in film and cassettes from across the nation. They offer personal pickup in greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

“We can convert all kinds of old film 8 mm, Super8 and video cassettes like VHS, Beta and VHC,” said Raymond Izaac, owner. “We convert them and work on them to improve video and audio quality.”

The improvement process depends directly on the quality of the original footage. Especially in the case of film, if it has deteriorated significantly, it’s probably never going to look like new.

“The important thing is to get that film transferred to a DVD. Once that’s done, you can make exact copies of the DVD we give you,” Mr. Izaac said. “You have priceless memories stored on those old films and tapes. Preserve them now before it’s too late.”

He said Digital Video has received phone calls from customers who were sobbing because they’d received their DVDs packed with memories. He said they thought they would never see those scenes again.

“These people were crying because they were so happy. That’s the kind of phone call we love to get. We know we made our customer beyond happy,” he said. “That’s what makes our service perfect for birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts for the person who has everything.”

Transfers don’t have to be personal movies. If you own a classic movie on tape or cassette, copyright law allows you to transfer that to a DVD for your own personal use.

For complete details of what Digital Video can transfer and prices, check the website or call. For moreinformation call 310.997.6448 or visit .

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