The Most Anticipated App, "Hot Chicks with Random Facts" Has Been Released

Hot Chicks with Random Facts has been termed as, "Probably The Best App in a While".

Anaheim, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/27/2012 --Probably the most searched for thing on the internet is that what feeds the brain well enough. Dating websites or any other website exploring the opposite gender appeals and attracts a lot of traffic from world over. Hot Chicks with Random Facts is a similar application as delivered by Uber Humor. The website is based on the applications and videos and pictures that are oriented to make the viewers laugh.

People paste some serious humor on their social web pages and on their blogs as well. But even they do not know that they had cracked a joke. These events become useful in making a snapshot become a joke. The new application of Uber Humor that is Hot Chicks with Random Facts is based on information transfer with pictures of women in the background. This makes the learning fun, and takes out the boring element while learning some facts about the world that add a lot to the general knowledge.

Geographical questions like the one representing the fact that the state of Florida is larger than the entire geographical area of England. In the application Hot Chicks with Random Facts there would be a background picture of a hot woman behind the interesting facts on political, economical and geographical information.

The Hot Chicks with Random Facts application has a lot of utility for those who want to learn in a way that is both time saving and interesting. Feedback is awaited for from the users of the application. The initial users would provide vital information to the makers so that they would better know what changes and alteration are required in the application.

The application Hot Chicks with Random Facts is free of charge and it is worth a lot. In spite of being free, it has a lot of useful features for the users. The easy to use application shows the next image and the information in front of it by simply tapping the screen. Interesting facts, placed in front of interesting pictures are fun to learn and the application is easy to use as well as free of charge.

To download the application, follow the link, and see the application Hot Chicks with Random Facts. The website that has made the application is Uber Humor and to visit the website click the link, to see humorous videos and pictures from world over.

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