Gains Attention for Their Whale Shark Diving Expeditions

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/27/2012 --Sharks are some of nature’s most fearsome creatures. This predator of the deep has long been feared and respected, and the iconic 1972 movie “Jaws” has cemented the shark’s infamous reputation in our culture. Perhaps that is why some people get such an exciting adrenaline packed thrill from diving with them.

One shark diving related website that has been getting a lot of attention recently is, the site is the online home of Seahorse Dive Shop, a family owned dive shop in Placencia, Belize. They have built up a substantial reputation for their incredible whale shark diving expeditions.

These trips take divers out to sites off the coast of Belize where huge whale sharks are known to congregate. Divers can actually go down and swim with these noble creatures, with the assistance and support of the Seahorse Dive Shop’s expert dive instructors.

The website contains full details about the whale shark diving expeditions, as well as information about other dive expeditions that they conduct. These include trips to the local barrier reef, and a variety of scuba instruction and certification.

For those who prefer to stay firmly on dry land, also conducts other types of expeditions in Belize. These include various interesting adventure tours, and even some relaxing and exciting fishing trips.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Everyone thinks of sharks as incredibly dangerous creatures, but they get an extremely bad rap from movies and TV. In most cases they won’t actually attack humans. Thankfully, they much prefer to eat their own natural prey than us, and a well fed shark will almost never attack a human unprovoked. That’s why diving with sharks is a lot safer than you’d think, especially diving with the peaceful whale sharks that we encounter on our dives. These huge creatures are an almighty presence in the sea, but they only feast on tiny creatures like plankton, filtering the water through their giant mouths to get them. We’re confident that any diver will find diving with whale sharks a phenomenal experience.”

About is the home page of the Seahorse Dive Shop, a family owned and operated dive shop in Placencia. Belize whale shark diving is just one of the many expeditions that they offer. Brian Young, a local fisherman turned tour operator and dive instructor, established the shop in the early 1990’s and continues to lead dive’s to this day.

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