Pittsburgh Mold Inspection and Testing Now Available from MI&T

Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWire) -- 12/27/2012 --All of Pittsburgh, PA and its surrounding areas can now call on the mold inspection and testing services of MI&T as the company has just announced the expansion of services throughout the area. MI&T – Mold Inspection and Testing is the most trusted residential and commercial test-only company in the nation with highly experienced mold inspectors that now provide Pittsburgh mold inspection and Testing.

One of the most overlooked important inspections for those leasing or buying a home or office space is inspection and testing for mold. Not only can mold spores lower the air quality, they can also trigger a variety of health issues. Pittsburgh, PA businesses and residences can now turn to MI&T for answers as the company is now providing mold inspection and testing services throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. “As a leading national mold inspection and testing only company, all of our Pittsburgh mold inspectors follow strict guidelines in addition to being certified and insured,” said the mold Inspection Pittsburgh specialist. “Consequently, Customers are assured of unbiased results.”

MI&T first performs a visual inspection throughout the home/business as well as taking readings with a c02 meter, moisture meter, and thermal imaging camera. Once the initial inspection is complete, their inspector will come up with a suggested protocol for more precise testing. This includes air and surface samples that will be sent off to an independent laboratory to be analyzed and results recorded. The results are then sent back to the client and the mold inspection company so that they can go over them together. MI&T will then provide a written protocol for a removal company if necessary.

According to the mold testing Pittsburgh experts at MI&T, companies that specialize in removing mold do not have the same experience and necessary equipment when it comes to finding mold hiding in a home or business. In fact, MI&T advises everyone to get inspection and testing done by someone other than the person doing the removal. This allows the client to find out exactly what needs to be done and nothing more, thereby saving them money in the long run.

It is also important to have an independent testing company on the customer’s side for when it comes time to do a clearance test. This is done post remediation to ensure the removal company has completely removed both the source and lingering mold spores in the air throughout the home or business. “Our specialists do not perform mold removal as we believe that this is a conflict of interest and increases the risk of a dishonest report,” said the MI&T specialist. “In fact, that separation can come in handy in a number of ways for the client.”

An inspection from an independent mold inspection company can be used as evidence in a dispute with landlords or insurance companies. Inspectors can also be used as expert witnesses in the unfortunate event legal action must be taken. The MI&T website provides detailed information on mold, mold inspection and testing to provide Pittsburgh residents with the answers they need. For more information, please visit http://www.moldinspectionandtesting.com/Pittsburgh-PA/

About MI&T
MI&T - Mold Inspection and Testing is the most trusted test-only company in the nation. The company takes no part in the mold removal process, so every customer can trust their unbiased results. Pittsburgh, PA residential and commercial clients concerned about indoor mold growth can call them at 412-444-5374.

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