Korea's Popularity Surging Globally Thanks to PSY's Gangnam Music and BB Cream

Seoul, Korea -- (SBWire) -- 12/31/2012 --This year alone, Korea’s new image as innovators has strengthened thanks to its electronic giant, Samsung, receiving very favorable reception the release of the latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Korea’s popularity continues to rise exponentially when PSY’s Gangnam pop music video took the world by storm and when major global cosmetics brands including Loreal, Clinique and MAC introduced BB Cream in their lineup, an all-in-one beauty product originally mass-marketed in Korea.

BB Cream has soared in popularity in the cosmetic industry in the last few months, and though it is a fairly new addition to North American beauty lines, it began in Korea. Korean cosmetic companies were the first to mass produce BB Cream, all-in-one skin care and makeup combination products, which then inspired companies in Canada and America to produce these products for North American consumers. With this popular innovation in skincare coming from Korea, international attention has turned to Korea. Korean BB Cream has started a sparked a great interest in Korean cosmetic products and also pop music.

Recently, the world has been swept by a dance and a song that came straight from Korea—Gangnam Style. This song, performed by PSY, features a very prominent Korean pop star dancing with PSY in the video. This dance and the style worn by PSY in the video have become popular all over the world with people who don’t even know one word of Korean singing along to the lyrics. This is exponentially increasing Korea’s popularity around the world, something that has never been seen before. Korean stars like Jang Geun Seok have begun gaining popularity around the world as a singer, actor and heartthrob. These aspects significantly increase tourism activity in Korea.

The website, http://asianfashioncity.com, has sold Korean BB Crème since 2008 and has culminated a collection of over 50 different types of this cosmetic product. The selection is from the most popular Korean skincare brands such as Skin 79—the world’s first BB Crème brand.

For more information, or to see the selection: http://asianfashioncity.com

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