Driverless Cars Can Shape the Future

Other Western States In The US to Follow California Suit

Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/31/2012 --The driverless, autonomous car initiative from Google is fast making inroads in the American automobile industry.

Not long ago, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt talked about the world where technology and information would rule the roost. And it has already taken shape in the form of autonomous cars, which have now been legalized by the State of California, making it the second state to do so after Nevada.

And this only seems to be the beginning for these Google developed cars, mostly Toyota Priuses thus far, because other states like Arizona, Hawaii, Oklahoma and Florida are contemplating legalizing them too. One of the test vehicles did a run along the tricky Pacific Coast Highway without any hiccups and it’s been shown that these cars have done more hours without accidents than the average driver in the US.

These cars have a lot going for them because they have many benefits including the fact that they enhance reliability thus there are fewer chances of collisions. They are also more conducive to avoiding traffic congestion and thus managing traffic flow a lot better. From convenience for occupants of the car to a way around underage driving problem and a solution to parking issues, driverless cars can make things a lot easier for users.

That’s the reason these cars are touted as the next best thing and according to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, up to 75% cars on the roads by 2040 would be autonomous.

Driverless cars sense their environment and navigate through the roads on their own. They make the most of various technologies like computer vision, GPS, Lidar and Radar. Information they receive from other vehicles is crucial too, which is why Vehicular Communication Systems are important, and electronic equipments that handle these tasks will have a major role to play in the future.

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