Once You Kiss a Bad Boy: New Graphic Novel Points out the Power of 'First Love'.

Once You Kiss a Bad Boy’, the story of a girl who learns about men from a bad one, is the latest exciting new release available through iTunes and iBookstore.

Austin, TX -- (SBWire) -- 12/31/2012 --Learning about the opposite sex is one of life’s most powerful experiences. What starts out as a glorious, breath-taking, heart-throbbing event for the adorable heroine of Penelope Kahler Swan’s new graphic novel, goes terribly wrong.


"Once You Kiss A Bad boy" is the story of an innocent country princess, born to bake cookies and show horses at county fairs, who learns about men from one who is tragically flawed.

The story is told in two sections - Part One & Part Two.

Part One introduces Sunny, sweet, headstrong country girl, growing up adored by parents, church, and community, and follows along as she is led down a path to terror by the local bad boy, Jeepers Kincaid.

Part Two picks up Sunny's story ten years later when she has become a popular Sheriff’s Deputy who keeps a careful watch over her beloved farm community. Off duty, she drinks to flee from the memories of her tragic first love. But it is more than memories that she soon must fight to escape. Her cruel experience of first love is not done with her. The horror returns in spades.


Craig Kellem, (Hollywoodscript.com) former Development Exec Universal and Fox Studios.

“ONCE YOU KISS A BAD BOY started out as a screenplay that garnered a lot of interest in both the project and the writer. This is not surprising because, if going to the movies and reading books is ultimately about compelling emotional engagement, then ONCE YOU KISS A BAD BOY goes to the top of the charts. It’s a deep, relatable and often tragic character study while at the same time offering a terrific thriller thru-line, eclectic dialogue, an ironic mix of humor and violence. It is one of the very best projects we’ve ever seen! The splashy and ever so visceral sensibilities of the project lend itself marvellously to the book version and Ms. Swan’s stunning art fits like a glove. What a solid marriage. ONCE YOU KISS A BAD BOY is a winner, this book will knock you out and the film will surely follow.”
This graphic novel (every page an illustration) (available for the iOS operating system)
is available for download to iPad or computer through iTunes and the iBookstore.

About the Author
Sunny Kincaid is based on a woman who passed through this writer’s life like a dark brooding angel. I was in a desperate situation when she appeared. She watched over me, guided me, and kept me safe until the time I was in danger, passed. When I no longer needed her she moved on. She cut all ties with everyone in her past. All I could do in thankful remembrance of my foul-mouthed, hard-living, heavy-drinking guardian angel, was to write a script based on the bits and pieces of her life that I did know. That script is what I illustrated and published on iBooks as ‘Once You Kiss A Bad Boy’.

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