"THE": Compelling New Book Helps Detached Human Race Recognize Its Connection with the World

Through a compelling new Metaphysical text, Niles Jones shares the intricate pattern of our internal and external worlds; a pattern that has empowered his own life since he was a teenager.

Asheville, NC -- (SBWire) -- 01/01/2013 --At age seventeen, Niles Jones noticed an underlying pattern in the world. Deciding to pursue it out of curiosity, he found out more about himself and the world than he bargained for.

Now he shares the details of discovery in a new book titled “THE”.

Back cover synopsis:

The pages of this book were not written by a well renowned doctor, psychiatrist, spiritual leader or anything of the sort. I have no official credentials to offer. All I have is the ability to share what I see. Years ago I saw something in the world. A world that I never felt a part of yet always longed to be in. This ‘something’ became apparent in everything I saw from the profound to the mundane. This something I also saw in myself. Call it a pattern if you will. It was something that remained constant yet ever changing. The same approximation of itself over and over and over again. It was stable because of its similarity yet manifesting anew constantly. As weeks turned to months, then months to years, the observation of it became a way of life.

Now, independently of the original reason, I pursue it. It's a part of me and I of it. Life is a good instructor and I want to be a good student, but who would I be if I didn't share my findings? With that I offer you the unnameable.

As the author explains, what he learned dramatically changed his life.

“I could see it in everything, feel it everywhere I went.” says Jones.

He continues, “A few years ago, I decided to set an organized curriculum for this study. This book is the result of that decision.”

In fact, this book is just the first of five books in a series . “As you’ll imagine, from pursuing this passion for many years I have compiled a lot of information.” he adds.

Ultimately, Niles hopes that this book series will help a very ‘detached’ human race see its connection to the world.

“Much to my frustration I will never be able to fully convey what it is I see; for to name it is impossible because it is all names...with that, I offer you the unnameable,” he concludes.

“THE”, self-published by the author, is available now in digital format at http://www.thecurrentof.com. Please submit a request via the website for a hard copy.

Also, visit http://www.thecurrentof.com to make contact with the author for future updates and sales availability.

About Niles Jones
Born in Palm City, Florida I moved to Morristown, Tennessee at the age of six. My life was fairly day-to-day as I was a typical kid. At sixteen I began what would be an on-going career in the retail field at a local toy store. I moved through a few jobs over the years and quite frankly just lived life. The realization that made this book possible came about somewhere between my seventeenth and eighteenth year. I carried it with me as I continued on, looking for direction. I tried several different career paths such as, security, martial arts, respiratory care but had yet to find my niche. Finally, in the year 2011, when my obsession had taken a proper form, I decided to move to North Carolina in search of better opportunities leaving Morristown behind. It was only then in North Carolina that I finally started writing. And here we are now.

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