Someplace Different: Compelling Novel by George G. Story Helps Young Readers and Adults Discover Harmonious Independence.

Set among the busy seaport coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts, ‘Someplace Different’ fuses a gripping coming-of-age story with subtle messages that will improve the lives of young and adult readers.

Gloucester, MA -- (SBWire) -- 01/01/2013 --Once the world’s busiest seaport and important settlement for the Mayflower’s ‘Plymouth’ pilgrims, Gloucester stakes its place as a pivotal staple of Massachusetts’ history. While the area’s maritime industry has dwindled, its charm and allure are being brought back to life in a compelling new book by George G. Story.

As a resident of the town, Story deploys his intricate knowledge of the area to make ‘Someplace Different’ an immersive and emotive read for all.


“Cooper Hayden is vacationing on Eastern Point in Gloucester, Massachusetts and Sandra Madison is a year round resident of Eastern Point. When their lives come together and they discover a different Gloucester, Massachusetts they cannot understand or explain, their lives change, in so many more ways than they can count. Once there they learn to work together, they learn all there is to know about one another and they learn to trust one another and with everything in their lives.”

As the author explains, his book contains a sub-plot that is intended to send a subtle message to young readers and adults with their own children.

“The book’s two main characters have a sexual experience and the last third of the book explains how they deal with it. I tried to make it as innocent and caring for them as I could,” says Story.

Continuing, “When my own children were young I remember the worry every time they stayed out later than they should have and the worry behind what trouble they could be getting into, whether of their own making or not. Within all my writing I try to subtlety send small messages, while all the time showing young adults working things out on their own.”

Since its release, the book has proven popular with Americans both at home and living abroad. Garnering a consistent string of rave reviews, readers applaud story for his ability to relate with young readers.

“Excellent book...kept me on the edge of my chair, and even though I'm often too busy to read, I found I was constantly trying to make time to get back to the book. I fell in love with the characters, the setting, and the mystery. This is a great book for teens and is a journey full of nostalgia, adventure, and self-discovery. A great choice for middle and high school summer reading lists. I have a feeling I will revisit this book in the near future, and more leisurely,” says Lainy, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Story has a long and established writing career, adding ‘Someplace Different’ to an already highly-acclaimed bibliography. With his books remaining close to his sea-faring passion, Story has built a dedicated and close-knit group of fans in both North America and Europe.

“I also tried to make this story, and all my works, as interesting to both young adults and adults as I can. I like to think I'm sending a message. Reading statistics are on the rise, so it is vital to give people both an engaging story and a subtle life lesson, in one,” he concludes.

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About George Story
George Story is a Maritime Captain, writer, musician, and entertainer. He and his musician associates perform for large audiences to benefit "only" charitable organizations in Massachusetts. Also he is known to build things in his garage and would be unhappy if he did not have a project underway. In addition to his books and short stories, George has been a short subject and feature contributor to many New England based magazines and newspapers.

George lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts with his wife, Ann. Born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts, Story has worked within the seaside community of Gloucester since 1976.

Ann and George combined have five children. They are the proud parents of a special needs teacher, professional boat captain, lawyer, trade unionist and engineer. The couple has five beautiful grandchildren.

His books are written for both adult and young adult readers, with a special focus for learning disabled individuals.

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