Remote Project Handling for Remote and Virtual Offices Explained in New Report by Tech Blog

Tech blog recently released a report on remote project handling and how it provides businesses operating remote and virtual offices with a way to manage and execute projects without the fear of communication breakdowns and loss of control.

Long Island, NY -- (SBWire) -- 01/03/2013 --A new report by tech blog explains how businesses operating virtual or remote offices can take advantage of remote project handling techniques to overcome barriers imposed by distance and the lack of face-to-face communication.

“Remote project handling” entails coordinating and managing entire projects from a remote location by leveraging modern communications technology including real-time file transfers and video conferencing, VoIP calls, e-mail and more traditional solutions like fax.

Remote project handling works principally through online real-time file sharing and document collaboration, multi-party conferencing and office-to-office calls via business phones (including fax).

File sharing allows online collaborators to share, view and edit documents and multimedia files such as video tutorials, project slideshows and more. This is important as in any project there are several files including documents and other resources that must be exchanged between staff and management. File sharing is typically included as a service on many unified communications (UC) supported phone systems and devices.

Multi-party conferencing is another major dimension of remote project handling, and involves the operation of a platform where staff and management can meet in virtual online chat rooms or through a shared VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection. Multi-party conferencing is provided by compatible VoIP phones and integral telecommunications devices.

“Remote project handling is possible with a sound network of VoIP phone systems and telecommunications equipment supporting real-time multi-party conferencing, multimedia file sharing and high-performance long distance calling. Remote project handling allows businesses to expand globally through virtual offices and remote locations without worrying about communication breakdowns or loss of control,” says a study collaborator.

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