Bridge City Boiler Offers Choice of State-of-the-Art Energy Management Systems with New Boilers

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/07/2013 --Bridge City Boiler is furthering its commitment to the environment by offering state-of-the-art Energy Management Systems with every new boiler installed in 2013. For more than 30 years, California-based Bridge City Boiler has furthered their reputation for top-notch service and reasonable prices to install, repair and maintain energy-saving boiler systems.

While Bridge City Boiler has been working with San Francisco property owners to make the switch to energy efficient boilers, the San Francisco boiler repair specialists are raising the bar in 2013 for the cleanest, most energy efficient boilers possible. Starting in the New Year, every newly installed boiler customer will have the choice to have a state-of-the-art Energy Management System (EMS) installed as well.

The EMS provides access to relevant data for energy monitoring and reporting that maximizes the efficiency of the boiler’s operation to save money. “Our goal for the new year is to take energy efficiency, energy monitoring and reporting to a higher level,” said Bridge City Boiler President Tom Debin. “By challenging our competitors to do better, we can collectively work to create a more sustainable environment with efficient energy usage.”

With many San Francisco property owners dealing with broken valves, damaged seals and broken tubing in outdated boilers, boiler repair from Bridge City Boiler can work in conjunction with the many available incentive programs that can cost-effectively bring systems up to date. Many projects have involved client sites throughout the United States with a customer list that includes many well-known and respected names over the years.

As San Francisco environment advocates, Bridge City Boiler has been a longtime supporter of energy savings and less emissions through use of the latest technology and equipment. Today’s energy efficient boilers turn about 80 to 97 percent of their fuel into useful heat, as compared to old boilers that only use 60 percent of their fuel, which in turn benefits the environment. “Boilers that are 20 years old should be replaced due to the dangers they pose to families and homes,” said Debin. “Today’s high-efficiency, energy-conscious models provide better living conditions and reduced energy use while bringing owners big savings.”

The company’s offer of giving new boiler owners the choice of EMS can go hand in hand with their maintenance services with access to relevant data for maintenance monitoring. By utilizing web-based data for management decisions, property owners have access to proactive management that translates to maintenance and repair by plan rather than chance.

With more than 30 years of experience in boilers and more than ten years of experience in energy-saving controls, Bridge City Boiler provides equipment and savings delivered by professionals. The Energy Management Systems specialists offer 24-hour assistance, no-charge consultations and encourage clients to contact them via email or by phone. For more information, please visit

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More than 30 years ago, the owners of Bridge City Boiler established their presence in California. From the beginning, Bridge City Boiler built a reputation based on top-notch service and reasonable prices. These attributes have been applied to product installation, product repairs and maintenance as well as installation of energy savings systems. The customer’s full value in energy savings systems is always assured through access to relevant data for monitoring and information on their designated web location.

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