New Website Targets Parents with Addicted Children

A single mother who lost her daughter to the streets of Kelowna, Canada, for years has created a new service, Clear Life Coaching, to assist parents of children addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Victoria, Canada -- (SBWire) -- 01/08/2013 --If you are a parent with an addicted son or daughter, this Christmas holiday season has brought no cheer. If your child is on the streets, vulnerable and under the influence of those who would take advantage of them, getting high, getting sick, getting farther from your love and nurturing, you may feel sick to your stomach and worse most of the time. Helpless and alone in your agony. Feeling that there's nothing you can do to lessen your child's confusion and misery - or yours.

You would be wrong.

Hundreds of thousands of parents in North America and on every continent, in every season, grapple with the same issues of out-of-control teens and their abuse of alcohol and drugs. In past generations, having an at-risk teens meant they were smoking cigarettes or sneaking booze before they were legal. These days, serious drugs haunt parents, drugs like meth and cocaine and heroin. Drugs that tear one's life and family apart. She knows firsthand the despair that engulfs parents whose children are lost to them.

Iris Sirianni of Victoria, Canada, has been there. She had a daughter who was lost to her for years, a girl who was influenced by unsavory men who took advantage of her naivete and addiction. Iris would go out at night, in summer and winter, through hot days and snowy, frigid nights to see if her girl was still alive, though huddled and scared, under the influence of god-knows-what, and god-knows-who.

Sirianni and her daughter survived those troubled years and Sirianni now coaches parents with at-risk children. As she tells visitors to her website,, "I have been in your shoes." During and after her harrowing experiences with her daughter, she became convinced that her life mission was to guide desperate parents who find themseves in similar straits. She teaches strategies to individuals, groups and native bands so they can put the days and nights of feeling helpless behind them.

Sirianni's new organization provides one-on-one counseling, group sessions and webinars. The Penticton Indian Band, in the Okanagan Valley of B.C., hosted a fall workshop to help aboriginal parents and their children get their bearings again.

Sirianni says she understands, from a personal perspective, the cycles of rehab and relapse and is keen to teach others the best survival strategies to stay sane and hopeful during those seemingly interminable years of family tumult. A year ago, Sirianni moved from Kelowna to Victoria to grow her new business and launch her new website, She is confident her mentoring service will offer fresh hope to parents who care about wayward children under the influence.

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