Sneaker Yeti Gets Exclusive with a Sneak Peek at Unreleased Nike LeBron 10 Corks

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/08/2013 --Sneakers are one of the most prevalent means by which young people seek to assert their sense of individuality and style, with brand-named sneakers being a sure fire way to increase credibility in the streets. This trend has been continually backed by sports stars, most notably the Nike Air Jordan. For the new generation however, the Nike LeBron is the pinnacle, and the new LeBron X Corks are the latest design, one of the few sites to see the new design was Sneaker Yeti who have compiled a detailed video review of the shoe.

The Nike LeBron 10 Cork is the tenth shoe from LeBron James’ signature Nike line, and the review goes into great detail explaining the provenance of the shoe, its features and design choices.

Sneaker Yeti celebrated the coup with a video review, in which they unbox the shoe and give a detailed analysis while showcasing the shoe from every angle.

The shoes do not yet have a release date, but Sneaker Yeti are offering their in-stock exclusives for between two thousand and twenty one hundred dollars- a price avid collectors are sure to pay for the exclusive pre-release pairs.

The distinctive cork finish to the shoe was inspired by LeBron himself, who wished to evoke the sense of bottles uncorked in celebration of athletic feats and achievements, most notably cracking open the champagne as he earned his hall of fame ring. The distinctive texture makes the sneakers stand out, unique among all other footwear.

A spokesperson for Sneaker Yeti explained how they got the exclusive, “We’re different to many of the high street and corporate online retailers in that we do a lot to promote the personality of our shop and in turn, the products we stock. People come to use because they know they can find the latest news and release dates on the hottest sneakers coming onto the market, which we believe is why Nike gave us the exclusive.”

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