Landscape Photography Expert Destin Sparks Wins a Silver Award at the International Loupe Awards

Sydney, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 01/09/2013 --Destin Sparks, an award-winning international photographer, recently won a silver award at the prestigious International Loupe Awards. Sparks, who specializes in landscape photography, was honored for his limited edition print ‘The Journey.”

Over the years, Sparks has earned a well-deserved reputation as a highly renowned photographer. He is known for his beautiful photographs of the Australian landscape, many of which have caught the eye of collectors across the globe. Most of Sparks’ limited edition pieces are considered to be high value pieces of artwork.

Sparks’ background story is as interesting as the photographs he captures. Growing up, Sparks had no idea what he wanted to do for a career. Along the way, he took a job as a graphic designer. After a rather serendipitous bet with a colleague, Sparks picked up a camera, ready to prove that he had a talent for photography. As he explains it in an article on his website, Sparks felt an almost immediate affinity for the camera he was holding in his hands.

Sparks’ pursued his new-found passion for photography, teaching himself everything he could about the process. His childhood fascination with light and color fueled his interest in his new career. Known for his iconic large-scale signature and limited edition prints, Sparks’ work has been featured in a variety of publications, including National Geographic, and he has won numerous awards.

One thing that sets Sparks and his work apart from many other photographers is his equipment. Rather than rely on Photoshop, color filters or the latest and fanciest cameras on the market to take and enhance his photos, Sparks uses traditional transparency film and a 30-year old type of camera he has nicknamed Ferdinand.

“As one of the premiere professional landscape photographers in the world, Destin Sparks is certainly one to take notice of and he now invites you to take in these magnificent photographs and bring them into your own home or office,” an article on his website said, adding that in addition to selling his prints online, Sparks also runs a range of photography courses in Australia so that he can share his skills with others.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about Sparks and his work is welcome to visit his website at any time; there, they can browse through a gallery of his photographs and read more about his work.

About Destin Sparks
Destin Sparks is renowned and award-winning landscape photographer who uses an outdated film camera to produce stunning limited edition prints. Sparks specializes in landscape photography, including breathtaking shots of Australian scenery. All of Sparks’ photos are created completely naturally, and without the use of Photoshop, color filters or manipulation. For more information, please visit

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