Mobile Social App Rivals Facebook, Instagram Model

iJust App Allows Users To Engage and Invite to Join in Real-Life Through Pictures

Lebanon, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 01/18/2013 --New mobile social apps flood the market daily, as startup companies try to create the next Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Most don’t offer enough to succeed. Today’s market shows it truly takes something unique to gain and maintain momentum as a social app. New apps hit the marketplace with high hopes fueled by the hype surrounding major investments and acquisitions, and soon fade to another of the blips in the background.  And then there’s iJust.  It just might have what it takes.

iJust is a mobile app that encourages users to take photos of things that are occurring in real-time to share in the experience with other users. For example, “iJust…found Waldo” appears under a photo of a cashmere red and white striped sweater a user snatched up for an 80% discount at a local department store.  The user posting the photo has used the “join” feature, indicating that the opportunity to take part is available for other interested iJust-ers.  Some users are more exhibition geared; the caption under a photo of a young man’s hand holding a paper that highlights a numerical score reads “iJust…got my SAT scores!” leads into comments and several users give it “green”, the highest rating.  Another image is of a traffic ticket and its caption warns of a speed trap, and several users show their “dislike” by selecting the lowest of the four indicators.  iJust is a mobile social app that is a lot more visual than other social apps, and that contributes to its streamlined interface that isn’t text heavy or loaded with profile details.

iJust users can see what others are doing and interact with local users by joining in.  iJust is described by its founder and CEO, John Saya, as an app where users can, “both connect with existing and find new friends, see what's going and join in activities near them, or just plain show off.   Unlike other social apps, iJust takes simply posting what’s going on to another level.  For the first time, users can take advantage of the online broadcast of just what they are doing at that moment and bring sharing that experience into the real world, in real time.  Rating and commenting on photos, checking in to see who's nearby, the chance to meet new people by offering or requesting to join, all give our users an app with stickiness – users keep coming back because of iJust’s dynamic nature.”

In a recent review, Oliver Hill, of the UK Android Tech Blog “Little Green Robot,” predicts iJust’s path is clear, “There’s plenty of good features within iJust to make it stand out from the likes of Facebook of Twitter…”.  Commenting on the review John adds that as the app builds more users, new features such as proximity and personalized offers that are based on user indicated interest are being added.  “The short and long term strategy will include opt-in advertising and media offers that deliver real value to iJust users.  Our team is really excited about the plans we have for iJust, and to be a part of something special, something that is really skyrocketing as a top mobile social app.”

iJust, LLC, headquartered in New Jersey U.S., is revolutionizing the online mobile world by bringing its power to connect into real world action.

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