Children's Charity PreciousNeeds Launches Newly-Redesigned Website

Fort Lee, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 01/21/2013 --PreciousNeeds, a non-profit charity organization that is dedicated to helping disabled children walk, has just launched its newly-redesigned website. The site is now more user-friendly and easy for visitors to navigate, and also includes additional information about the charity and how it is helping kids across the globe have better lives.

While many children can walk, run, and play all day long, an incredible 15% of the entire global population is classified as disabled. This includes millions of young children who are unable to walk like their peers. The reasons these children cannot walk are varied—while some have health conditions like cerebral palsy, polio or central nervous system abnormalities, others are disabled by birth defects or malnutrition.

Sadly, many of these kids are removed from their families and placed into institutions—some of which have deplorable living conditions, inadequate resources and little hope of helping the child recover. Many children who live in these facilities never get to go to school and have virtually no chance at living a regular life.

The children’s charity PreciousNeeds is devoted to one key objective: to help children walk. The organization is 501(c) 3 IRS approved and every donation is completely tax deductible. The inspiration for the non-profit organization’s “Gift of Walking” program, especially in under-developed countries, came from the huge success and visible positive results of similar programs in the United States. People who are familiar with the benefits of walking and running are some of the organization’s major donors.

“Our mission is to provide these children with necessary rehabilitation equipment, treatment and facilities, or as we call it – give them a Gift Of Walking,” an article on the newly-redesigned website said.

“Our goal is to be extremely cost-efficient charity with 90% of your donation going to direct programs and services. 10% supports the marketing, fundraising, investigation, and compliance efforts.”

Anyone who donates to can rest assured that the money will have a direct impact on a child. Some of the campaigns are small—like vaccinations—and other are larger—like new facilities where the children can live. Every donation, no matter its size, is needed and necessary to help kids around the world have a better life through walking.

People who are interested in learning more about PreciousNeeds are welcome to visit its website at any time; there, they can read articles that are posted regularly in the non-profit organization’s blog. Anybody who wishes to donate to the charity can click on “Donate Now,” to be taken to a secure page that includes instructions on how to give money to the children’s charity. People are also welcome to visit and “like” the organization’s Facebook page.

About targets specific area of “need”, which if addressed properly can yield most visible results - it helps disabled children make a first step that leads them to walking. Or, as calls it - Give A Child the Gift of Walking. The reason the non-profit organization concentrates on that is because having the ability to walk gives these children a chance of not just surviving, but actually thriving and becoming full members of society. At, this is done through a 3 -way program: Equipment (special mobility and supporting devices), Treatment (medication and therapy) and Facility (specialty structures and renovations). For more information, please visit

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