SmokeTastic Releases Their New Rankings for E Cigarettes

Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 01/23/2013 --SmokeTastic in its latest rankings has placed Green Smoke as the best ranked electronic cigarette in the US. With its quality vapors and extended battery life, it is the best electronic cigarette present in today's market.

Green Smoke being a renowned brand gives its customers a high quality treatment and that is the only reason that its products are best in the world. The price of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is high compared to other electronic cigarettes available but then Green Smoke does not compromise on its quality.

SmokeTastic helps its customers to find the best brand that deals in electronic cigarettes by building its own top 10 ranking system. Different features of an electronic cigarette are checked such as the vapor quantity and thickness, its battery life and quality.

E cigarette reviews are made available for those who wish to purchase electronic cigarettes. What the staff at SmokeTastic does is that they check the vapor and battery life of an e cigarette. They buy products separately belonging to various brands and then the e-cigarette is tested for an entire day for a complete know how of the product.

Once the e cigarette is thoroughly tested, then only an electronic cigarette review is recorded. The battery of the e cigarette is tested by smoking it for an entire day. The best e cigarettes are those whose battery life can last for a day.

Not only the battery is a key feature, but the vapor quality is of importance too. Once a client buys an e cigarette, he/she would want it to last for a minimum of 6 months. At SmokeTastic, the quality of an e cigarette is focused upon so that the people who wish to buy do not waste their money on a cheap e cigarette that does not have a good battery life or vapor quality.

The ease provided to SmokeTastic clients does not only end here. They are also informed about the price comparisons making them opt for the most affordable e cigarette for them. is not the only website that offers details and reviews for those interested in e cigarettes, but yes, the amount of information and the detailed reviews provided to its clients is definitely not made available by other websites dealing with the same subject.

SmokeTastic locates the best quality e cigarette brand for its clients to help them choose the best option for themselves.

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