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Moscow, ID -- (SBWire) -- 01/28/2013 --“Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore has become the #1 get your ex back product in the Clickbank marketplace,” according to Derek Maak of the popular texting site, TextMate2.org. “Clickbank ranks digital products via a variety of factors including total sales, refund rate, popularity, and overall customer satisfaction, so it’s an excellent measure of product quality.”

This is an impressive feat considering the program is still in its infancy with the newest version, Text Your Ex Back 2.0, released in July 2012. The Text Your Ex Back download beat out popular long-time favorites like T.W. (TDub) Jackson’s Magic Of Making Up and other newcomers like Dean Cortez and Samantha Sanderson’s Ex Back Experts to grab the top spot for get your ex back products. It currently ranks 4th overall in the self-help category behind behemoths like Josh Pellicer’s Tao Of Badass which is an attraction system for men.

The Text Your Ex Back PDF ebook and multimedia guide is an online training system that teaches men and women how to use text messages to get an ex back after a breakup. The author, Michael Fiore, has been featured on nationally televised shows like Rachael Ray and is well known for a host of other programs and books which include Text The Romance Back, Text Your Wife Into Bed, and The Secret Survey. He is considered by many to be the world’s leading expert on text romance.

Those wishing to learn more about Michael Fiore can visit http://michaelfiore.org.

There are many people out there right now who are struggling in both life and love. The devastation of a breakup can lead to all sorts of negative emotions including anger, resentment, depression, and low self-esteem. Inside the Text Your Ex Back download, Michael Fiore teaches a process he calls “text judo” which transforms an ex’s negative emotions into positive ones over time. This allows couples to reconnect on a deep, primal level and ultimately paves the way for getting back together.

“The success of the Text Your Ex Back PDF can be attributed to a lot of things,” says Maak. “But two of the biggest are its systematic, step-by-step approach and the social interaction and support through the Text Your Ex Back member’s area. Sometimes called the “king of romantic texting”, Michael Fiore has a knack for using emotional language and detail to create incredible intimacy and attraction through text messages. Text Your Ex Back allows anyone to tap into Mike’s techniques to improve their own relationships.”

Another positive feature is the unique adaptability of the system. Although Mike Fiore provides users with many different text message examples and complete step-by-step texting formulas (like across the bow texts, best of the relationship texts, intimacy boosters, attraction texts, and more) that can be used “as is”, the program offers great flexibility that makes it adaptable to a wide variety of different situations.

This explains why the program has worked well for couples in traditional relationships, long distance relationships, gay and lesbian relationships, and even those who have been broken up for months or even years. It teaches men and women how to craft and send the right kind of texts in their own voice that are many times more powerful than any kind of “copy and paste” solution.

According to Maak, “Michael Fiore’s system is much more than just a big list of text your ex back examples. It not only helps you identify why the breakup occurred and builds your self-esteem, but it also helps you identify areas of emotional resonance based on past experiences and memories that you can transform into simple texts that cut past your ex’s emotional defenses, build attraction, erase negative thoughts, and remind him or her why you were together in the first place.”

The end result is a collection of powerful text messages an ex will actually read and respond to rather than simply ignoring and deleting.

For full details on the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back system, click here to visit the official website.

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