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Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 01/29/2013 --Street Fighting Uncaged (SFU) can now enable one to learn the best forms of self defense moves and tactics to fight. This is an e-book by Jeff Anderson who is a source of guidance for those who want to learn how to defend themselves when confronted with a dangerous situation. By following the tips given in SFU, a person can get self-equipped with ways of fighting that might save his or her life. Fighting Tips does not condone fighting but it does however support effective self defense.

Many times a person has to pass through dodgy neighborhoods at night and then luck is not all that can save life. Something more than luck is required to get out of a tricky situation. This book teaches all the moves required to win a street fight. It does not only explain self defense but also teaches ways to put up a tough fight to beat the opponents. It is a step by step guide that gives a great deal of knowledge on the dos and don’ts of fighting.

One of the best things about this book is that it has a separate section that serves as a guide for women. It is usually women who do not know much about putting up a good defense in times of trouble. SFU tries to give tips on what women should do in order to get out of scary situations when they have to put up a fight and not accept defeat. Jeff has actually made a difference by releasing this book as it teaches things that women have hardly ever learned or known in their lives.

SFU is packed with steps and techniques that will equip a person with techniques required to defeat bullies and criminals. Also it is not like reading it will give a sudden power boost. Everything is learned through practice and the moves given in this book can only be learned and used through consistent and effective practice. SFU however does not guarantee that it will enable the user to fight at a championship level. But it does guarantee that if followed correctly, a person can walk away victoriously after a street fight.

The price of this book is $49 which is nothing if it can save a person’s life during a fight. To place an order and to get more information, Click Here to Visit the Official Page

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