With over 3 Million Underemployed in the United Kingdom, Some Citizens Find Relief with Non-Traditional Jobs

People in the UK are struggling from the flexible job market, which has left over 3 million underemployed. A steady loss of income has forced workers to take on extra jobs and seek out non-traditional methods of income to provide for their families

Bournemouth, UK -- (SBWire) -- 01/28/2013 --With analysts reporting signs of the country entering a third dip into recession, there are no signs of relief on the horizon; jobs are being cut, not created. Entrepreneurial spirits have sought supplemental income through self-employment to cover the rising cost of fuel and heating bills. Some individuals have found success with online reselling. They take advantage of recent business closures by purchasing liquidated stock from wholesalers such as Wholesale Clearance, who recently acquired a portion of electronic retailer Comet's inventory, and selling it for less than brick-and-mortar shops. The Bournemouth-based wholesaler run by Karl Baxter and family members have seen a huge rise in demand, with many local residents as well as national clients opening their own stalls or online shops to supplement their income.

Co-Founder of the popular wholesaler, Karl Baxter states "we have seen a huge rise in the number of people coming to us over the last 3 years during the recession, purchasing liquidated stock and reselling online and offline to supplement their income in order to meet rising bills."

The availability of the latest products for wholesale prices gives online reselling an edge against other businesses, which makes earning money from it more viable than ever. Wholesaler Clearance recently released a video detailing the success of those who have bought liquidated stock from them to resell online. For more details on the liquidated stock carried by Wholesale Clearance visit www.wholesaleclearance.co.uk.

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