The Lindenberger Group Is Excited to Help Companies Provide Mentoring Programs in 2013


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 01/29/2013 --Just like everyone else, with a new year comes change, and The Lindenberger Group knows that most people want to change for the better. Over the years, The Lindenberger Group has helped countless people through their award-winning mentoring programs and is excited to now offer customized mentoring programs for New Jersey companies in 2013.

Mentoring programs are a great way for companies to save money and help their employees make a step forward in their career. By making an investment in their employees, organizations make a smart business decision. People feel good about themselves when they know that their employer is taking the time to help them further their career. This improves performance, retention, and productivity.

To make it in today’s business world, most employees can use someone to show them what it takes to be successful. Mentoring programs are a cost-effective way to develop and keep talented employees. The Lindenberger Group has more than a dozen years of experience in creating successful, long-lasting mentoring programs and has won the national Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring two times. The Lindenberger Group will interview key stakeholders, determine business objectives, develop a plan to market the program to employees, match mentoring pairs, customize and conduct training workshops, facilitate partnership agreements with mentoring pairs, coach mentoring pairs, conduct exit interviews with mentoring pairs, and evaluate the results of the mentoring program based on your business objectives. The Lindenberger Group has great success in developing mentoring and coaching programs in New Jersey.

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Since 2001, The Lindenberger Group been helping their clients reach their goals through insight, experience and strategic view. The Lindenberger Group has developed long-term relationships based upon integrity and respect for their clients' budgets and by achieving results. They take on small to large projects from a few hours to several years. Their clients include Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals.

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