Making an Impact in 2013, Nikomed Online Announces New Lines of Access Doors and Air Scrubbers

Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWire) -- 01/31/2013 --Making an impact in the beginning of the year, Nikomed Online has now added access doors and air scrubbers to their line of industrial cleaning supplies. Along with the company’s innovative line of new industrial cleaning supplies, Nikomed provides the highest value, quality, and service in the industry today. With the additions of access doors and air scrubbers, Nikomed carries a complete line of competitively priced construction supplies and products. A staff member or customer service representative is available to speak to customers throughout the day. For more information on any of the products available through Nikomed Online, please call 1-800-707-5595.

Access Doors, also called Access Panels, are useful for providing access to an area that requires some level of protected entry. Access Doors are used in a wide variety of applications including drywall, plaster, fire-rated, valve boxes, floor hatches and security access doors. Access doors also include doors for larger installations such as roof hatches, floor hatches and walk through access doors.

Air scrubbers are devices that are used to remove particles, gases, or chemicals from the air within a given area. While most air filtration systems of this type are designed to handle only one of these types of pollutants, there are a few industrial air cleaners that will handle two and even all three contaminants. Most scrubbers are configured to complete at least six cycles of operation each hour, helping to keep the air in the space free of any type of contamination.

In any facility where airborne contaminants are common, the use of an air scrubber is one of the best ways to protect the health of the employees. For example, workers in a textile plant are constantly exposed to airborne particles that come from the fibres used to weave different types of materials. The right air scrubber will make particle control much more effective than simply providing employees with face masks, and decrease the potential for the bronchial condition known as white lung.

Another application of the air scrubber as an essential part of workplace safety equipment is to remove gases from the air within a space. This can be especially helpful in laboratories and other facilities where fumes are common. The effective fume control of the right scrubber significantly reduces exposure to gases that over time could have a detrimental impact on the health of anyone working in the area.

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NikomedOnline is the leading partner in construction, bringing customers the highest quality and service, in the marketplace today. The company carries a complete line of competitively priced construction supplies. Nikomed aligns itself with innovative manufacturing to bring the latest technology in building products to a job site at the lowest price possible. Their commitment to service is unmatched, with guaranteed on-time delivery and a one-stop purchasing experience. Offering industrial cleaning equipment and supplies, Nikomed is superior to other companies in the industry.

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