Shooting Targets Supplier Rides Wave of Anti Gun Paranoia

Shooting Targets 7 LLC introduces new line of affordable AR500 shooting targets for pistol and rifle use.

Hudsonville, MI -- (SBWire) -- 02/04/2013 --As the Obama administration scrambles towards increased gun legislation interest in firearms and related items like shooting targets have been absolutely skyrocketing. Additionally, television shows such as Doomsday Preppers have some thinking a major cataclysmic collapse in inevitable.

For Mark Leenheer and the time seems right to help meet the increased demand.

“We make and sell shooting targets for gun owners who want to be proficient with a gun so they are able to hit what they are aiming at when it counts the most,” said Leenheer.

ShootingTargets7 targets are made from AR500 steel and are designed to withstand the punishing blows of repeated shots. Currently targets are offered in 3/8” or ½’ solid steel.

“Our shooting targets are the CNC laser cutest and vary in sizes from 4 inches to over a foot in diameter. Different sizes are useful for creating more challenging shooting scenarios and can make training more effective for the shooters,” Leenheer continued.

Many wonder why steel targets should be used when they could just as easily shoot at paper. Leenheer has the answer, “Paper will quickly disintegrate and fall apart. Paper targets need to be repaired or replaced after each use. More importantly it’s difficult to tell if you have hit them from the firing line. Our AR500 steel shooting targets are built to last. If you are careful and use them as recommended, they can last almost indefinitely.”

Designed to hang (and sound off) like a gong, shooting targets give you instantaneous feedback on your shooting. The sound and sight of the target when struck with a round is a clear indicator of the shot.

“Most experts agree that reactive targets like ours can decrease the time to shooter proficiency by up to 50% over the use of non reactive targets,” Leenheer said.

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