SiteTrail Report: Pinterest Advancing on Facebook's Market Share

SiteTrail has released a report with data that its users are keen to analyse in making business decisions about Pinterest and Facebook, it is all about growth, engagement and user experience.

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 02/07/2013 --SiteTrail, the web2.0 analysis platform released a statement today that according to its analysis tools, Pinterest is now gaining ground against Facebook as the new choice for website promotion and sharing.

In a news article about Pinterests performance, a graph is shown, indicating the latest growth in traffic compared to Facebook’s relatively steady performance. Whilst most analysts agreed that Facebook will have to catch up with the ease of use Pinterest provides to its visitors - which is now appealing to users worldwide, it is also noted that Facebook traffic is statistics is still very far ahead of in the race, but the infograph style of browsing which eliminates the need to read bulky paragraphs of text is what is swinging the market in favour of Pinterest. The recent addition of a Pinterest news section on the same platform demonstrates to users that it intends to engage visitors on multiple levels and that it is poised for further growth as it’s reader circle expands. The vitiating factor in creating a social bond with users is that they do not see any advertising on the site – which means they feel there is no ulterior motive for good content being shared with them.

Users are encouraged to use SiteTrail analysis to compare not only the current performance but the trend of their chosen social media platforms which include primarily Google+, Digg, Facebook Pinterest and Twitter. The key factors webmasters and companies are now considering as part of their social media strategy includes link diversity, enhanced privacy for users, and ability to refer traffic to a target website. Given the ability to measure the amount of followers, links and levels of interaction alongside traffic graphs mean that all the necessary data required for good business decisions is now located in one place.

The SiteTrail editor had the following comment: “Measuring social media performance is crucial in determining where web professionals should concentrate their efforts, we see Pinterest as a relatively hot trend right now as more of our users are tracking their moves and we see an upward trend in their traffic, resulting in healthy competition. We are excited about users putting SiteTrail at the heart of their strategy to take key business decisions”

Looking ahead, the next feature SiteTrail expects to host will focus on the ability of social media platforms to convert web visitors to sales. Conversion measurement is indeed the next most important feature our users will be interested in once they are satisfied that a social media partner is capable of improving the user experience and matching up more visitors with the type of websites they are actively searching for., an established and popular platform provides users with full social media analysis of their own website as well as any other site they wish to track. Click here to try out our WHOIS domain checker or use the What is my IP tool to establish your internet protocol. Follow our web2.0 news section and remember to follow us on Twitter.

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