StopGrow Invites to Pick an Area: End Unwanted Hair Growth

StopGrow is an innovative new product for men and women, which stops the growth of unwanted and embarrassing hair before it happens. Hair under arms, on the back, chest, and in places more private, can prevent you from fully enjoying life.

Oporto, Portugal -- (SBWire) -- 02/08/2013 --StopGrow is pleased to announce women and men can give up painful waxing and the skin irritation of shaving by preventing hair from growing in the first place. The product works by penetrating the skin to reach the root of the hair, causing it to grow thinner and lighter in color. In many people the product has been shown to lead to a nearly permanent cessation in hair growth.

“Both women and men can suffer from embarrassing or overly coarse hair growth, including upper lip hair in women and back hair in men.” says a company spokesperson, “In today’s society people are busy, and many simply do not have the time to spend hours every week the labor intensive and skin irritating process of shaving.”

StopGrow has an active ingredient called Decelerine, which has been in use in beauty products in Europe for a while. Decelerine has been proven in clinical trials to reduce the frequency of shaving, and the coarseness of hair from 50% to 80% depending on the individual and how coarse their hair is. Studies have also proven the presence of embarrassing hair in private areas, the upper lip, and back can reduce self-confidence, success, and suppress mood.

“We live in a society where beauty is looking young and hairless,” says the spokesperson, “It has been well documented hair overgrowth can lead to issues with self-esteem, and self-confidence. StopGrow makes it easier to keep up with societies expectations and feel good about one’s self-image.”

StopGrow is a fast, easy, proven, and safe method to remove unwanted and unpleasant hair, which grows on the human body. The product is a faster, safer, and more effective alternative to hair removal than waxing or shaving, which often leaves people with burns irritation and redness. Clinical trials have shown up to an 82% reduction in the need to shave, and wax. StopGrow’s active ingredients are Decelerine and Telocapil, which are natural and have been proven safe for use in humans.

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