hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Lowest Priced Doctor-Supervised Diet in USA

Diet Doc is the only prescription, modern-day hCG diet in USA that offers unlimited doctor, nurse, and weight loss coach support per recent survey of other doctor-supported hCG diets.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWire) -- 02/08/2013 --Diet Doc recently gathered information on competing hCG weight loss programs, and concluded that no other purveyor can provide the level of products and services offered at a competitive price. In an effort to continually improve their product, Diet Doc compared the best diets in the USA and came to the resounding conclusion that they currently offer the nation's most comprehensive weight loss diet for a fraction of the cost of other larger companies. President of Diet Doc, Julie Wright stated "Most people don't know that we offer medical weight loss with proprietary prescriptions that assist with any issue people find problematic while dieting. Diet Doc / hCG treatments offers a range of prescription medications and support products nationwide. The other nationwide companies offer non-physician managed diet plans and don't address underlying problems that can slow down results or make it impossible to lose weight. We use the innovative new Telehealth system to deliver the most comprehensive medical weight loss diet to anyone, all across the nation and for much less than the competitors who only offer frozen meals, workout plans, or some other gimmick that won't produce true life-changing results like a Diet Doc plan."

Diet Doc conducted a survey of the larger hCG doctor clinics across the USA and found their service lower in price, yet offering more services and products in an all-inclusive program, capable of shaving off 25-30 pounds per month. The country's leading diet providers offer frozen meals, point systems, or other gimmicks to sell products, but a diet comparison reveals that these diets are not consistently producing adequate or teach dieters how to lose weight, when considering their exorbitant costs. Diet Doc offers the only modern day version of the original, unhealthy hCG diet, increasing the calories intake to 1250 daily and offering physician monitoring 6 days a week. hCG Diet competitors have not put forth the effort to modernize the original hCG protocol. This takes increased weight loss training by physicians to attain a better understanding of how to lose weight. The updated protocol also demands an exceptional increase in diet monitoring. The company provides nearly around-the-clock consultations with in-house physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and coaches who are available 6 days per week to offer assistance and recommend any alterations to the hCG diet that may be necessary in order to prevent any plateau or weight gain. Wright adds "Other hCG diet providers offer an unsafe 500 calorie diet with little to no support. They simply sell the product and push the patient out the door. We have a true understanding of weight loss that only a decade in the industry can provide, and we've taken the most complete steps necessary to be innovators in weight loss, pouring countless hours and effort into modernizing the original hCG protocol and making it safe for nearly anyone, providing the kind of back-end service that this diet plan demands."

In order to maximize weight loss, Diet Doc offers unlimited clinical evaluation for every patient, providing exhaustive medical evaluations and using this information to design a custom diet around each patient's age, bodily function, health, and long term goals. The end result is not simply a diet; it is a comprehensive program that teaches clients how to lose weight fast. Patients across the country can consult with an in-house physician via skype or even telephone and receive a comprehensive evaluation, prescription hCG treatments, and unlimited diet support, not only for the duration of the diet, but up to a year after the diet has ended. This type of comprehensive service is unmatched in the diet community and exemplifies a commitment to teaching patients how to lose weight for instant health improvement, and how to keep weight off for a future of improved, disease free living.

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